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All peonies are shipped as dormant divisions and grafted plants in late September and early October, the appropriate time for planting peonies.  Please see our cultural pages for planting and care instructions.  We do not ship peonies in the spring.  Order early for best selection.  This catalog will close in early August 2019 to allow time for field selection, processing and digging.   New introductions normally sell out very quickly, but will be available in few years if you miss out.  First come first serve, no reservations.
Woody (tree) Peonies
Premium Plants $300.00
Select Plants $225.00
Aquila.  Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Sedona x Loyola).    Loyola is an unregistered Bernard Chow hybrid.  Seedling number 'NB13'.  Aquila is a constellation on the celestial equator. Its name is Latin for 'eagle' and it represents the bird that carried Zeus/Jupiter's thunderbolts in Greco-Roman mythology.  Aquila is a beautiful plant deserving reference to the eagle that carried thunderbolts.  The flowers are semi-double to double, have cream colored petals with an old rose overlay and maroon flares.  Overall flower color fades to cream with pink highlights as it ages.  Petals are highly ruffled, precisely notched and creped (20 to 28 petals). Maroon sheath and stamens. Light pink stigmas and red filaments. The sheath is not generally visible due to presence of numerous petals surrounding the reproductive structures.  The 8 inch flowers are ornate and showy. One to two buds per stem. Flowers held outward, with good carriage on plants to 34" in Wisconsin.  Foliage is deep green with petioles that have a red line on the midrib. Stems are red at emergence.   Better than average growth rate and is a willing producer of ground shoots. Fertile both ways, easier as a pollen parent. Produces a mound shaped plant. Easily grafted. Abundant amount of bloom for a lutea hybrid. Excellent.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Select Plants $220.00
Elemental. Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Seedling #NB8. Parentage is Fuchsia Ruffles x Harvest Peach. Certificate of Merit at APS 2016 Exhibition. It's seed parent (Fuchsia Ruffles) is a beautiful flower, but seldom produces seed and we were lucky enough to get this one. Semi-double to double highly ruffled lavender- pink flowers with cream base. As flowers age the outer petals become lighter in color. Darker lavender-pink stigmas. Filaments and sheath are a reddish-lavender. Maroon flares to 1/4 of petal length. Flowers are a consistent round form. Carriage is upward and outward and are displayed well on plants with foliage to the ground. Deep green foliage typical of most advanced generation lutea hybrids. Light red coloration on upper surface of petioles. Plants produce a broad mound shape with numerous ground shoots. Easily grafted. First bloomed in 2010. Named for the plant's powerful growth habit and beautiful basic coloration of the flowers. Fertile both ways.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Select Plants $180.00
Gemini.  Bremer.  2019.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Sedona x Pacific Wonderland).  Seedling number 'NB17'.  Double pink-red-cream-coral blends occur at random throughout this flower. Many wavy notched petals are smaller in size toward the center. Large flowers nod, but do not lay on the ground and are not hidden in foliage.. Maroon sheath and stamens. Small muted maroon flares at the base of each petal. Light pink stigmas. Plants grow to 36" in Wisconsin have a mound shape. Numerous ground shoots make this an excellent plant to graft. Foliage is medium green and has light red lines on the upper surface of the petioles.  1 to 3 buds per stem, but usually 2. Fertile both ways. Gemini is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for "twins," and it is associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Select Plants $100.00
Krickles.  Seidl/Casey/Bremer. 2019.  Suffruticosa. Unknown parentage. Large light lavender-pink semi-double flowers with darker lavender petal bases. 7 to 10 carpels. Bright pink-red stigmas and a purple sheath. Filaments fade from lavender-orchid to white near anthers. Flowers are attractively ruffled and crimped along the petal edges. Elegant upright carriage of flowers over deep blue-green foliage. Foliage is typical of a most suffruticosa cultivars, but has red petioles and veining in leaves. A seedling given to Kris Casey from William Seidl in the 1990's. Plants are strong growers with excellent disease resistance. Stems branch liberally and produce many flowers each year. Excellent stem hardiness, without winter damage in most years. Grows to 5 feet and spreads to a width of 6 feet or more after 10 years. Named for Kris Casey. Easily fertile both ways.  We've grown this plant for many years and have distributed it under this name to a number of peony enthusiasts.   Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Select Plants $200.00
Vela.  Bremer.  2019.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Seedling number is 'NB5'.   Parentage is Seidl #58 x Seidl #16.  Soft lavender-pink semi-double flowers with maroon flares to 1/4 of petal length. Some years there is more cream in the flowers due to climate conditions.  Petals are rather uniform in size and shape, creating a eye catching flower.  Stigmas coral in color and filaments are dark lavender-purple. Sheath is lavender-purple. Flower carriage is outward on stiff stems and are reminiscent of a ships sails. Good amount of bloom each year. Plants grow to 4 feet and as wide in Wisconsin. Good ground shoot production and easily grafted. Fertile both ways, but pollen is easier. Vela is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for the sails of a ship.  A good grower that always catches viewer's attention.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Herbaceous Peonies
Sold Out...January 2019
Select Plants $200.00
Aquarius.  Bremer.  2019.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Theresa Ann x Autumn Harvest).  Seedling number is 'NB32'.   Certificate of Merit at APS 2016 Exhibition. Heavy full double of rose/yellow/cream/peach blends. Short red flares are not visible.  Wide outer petals, center petals are smaller with notches and are highly ruffled. The petals twist and turn at the center creating a full double form. Flower carriage on plants in outward and downward. Flowers are large and heavy causing carriage to be more downward than I would like, but is acceptable.  Has unusual strong citrus scent. Pink stigmas and filaments are red at their base. Sheath is light red. Average amount of bloom for a lutea hybrid. Usually has one terminal and two side buds.  Fertile both ways, but pollen is easier. Foliage is deep green. Plants reach 3 feet in Wisconsin and can lose stems in cold winters, which easily regrow from ground shoots. Foliage is wide and deeply cut with slight red coloration on the upper surface of the petioles. Aquarius is a constellation of the zodiac, situated between Capricornus and Pisces. Its name is Latin for "water-carrier" or "cup-carrier".    It is a great cut flower for floating in water and provides a wonderful scent to a room.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Select Plants $350.00
Beach Comber. Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Parentage is Sedona x Autumn Harvest.  Very large semi-double to double old rose with cream outer petals. Petals highly ruffled, creating a full looking flower. Excellent outward carriage of flowers on strong stems. Up to three buds per stem creating a long bloom season. Fertile both ways easily. Plants to 4 feet. Cream sheath, green stigmas, red filaments. Short red flares less than 1/3 of petal length. Has broad large deep green leaves which are dissected and pointed. Woody stems have exhibited better than average hardiness and longevity. Plants are taller than wide and are excellent performers annually. Named for Kris Casey's enjoyment of long walks along the beach in Door County. Kris is responsible for getting me interested in woody peonies and introducing me to Bill Seidl, for which I am eternally grateful. This plant represents one of the finest advanced generation lutea hybrids to date (my opinion). Fertile both ways.  Extremely limited and in high demand.  One per order.
Select Plants $250.00
Fire Down Below.  Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Seedling number:  #NB-SH95.  Parentage is KC Red x NB37. NB37= (Autumn Harvest x G'Day Mate). Named for brilliant red blended flowers which are reminiscent of molten rock.  Flowers are semi-double red-rose-orange blend with ruffled notched petals. Flower color is difficult to describe, but is brilliant and will not be confused with other cultivars. As petals expand many small ruffles appear along the edges. Red stigmas, filaments and sheath. 1 to 2 buds per stem (we have seen 3 on occasion). Bloom stems are long and carry buds outward. Foliage is much more finely cut than most advanced generation lutea hybrids, highly lobed and deep blue green. Plants produce excellent numbers of ground shoots. Stem hardiness from cold winters is average, but easily regrow and bloom the year after loss. Exciting breeding potential due to flower color and foliage habit. Shorter plants for us to approximately 34 inches in Wisconsin. Fertile both ways. As further generations of lutea hybrids are produced, greater fertility is being seen and Fire Down Below is an example of such plants.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Kim. (Name changed from Kimberly due to registration conflict).  Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Parentage is Pastelorama x Pastelegance.  Very large pink fully double with well organized flowers. Has 2 rows of large, flattened guard petals with the remaining ruffled petals filling the entire flower. Light red stigmas. Incomplete, nearly unidentifiable cream disc. Anthers distributed throughout petals, but concentrated toward carpels. Yellow filaments. Primary flowers often have abortive stigmas, while side buds have better developed reproductive structures. Best fertility on side buds, but primary flowers will occasionally produce seed. Has complete bud covers.  Relatively short plants with excellent sturdy stems that carry the very large flowers without support. Flowers may be borne one per stem some years, or with 2-3 side buds other years. Plants have wide deep green foliage to the ground. 28 to 30 inch stems. One of the most coveted seedlings during tours of our herbaceous hybrids. Fertile both ways, but pollen is certainly easier. Named for my soul mate and partner for life. Superior in all aspects.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.

Lyra.  Bremer. 2019.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Sedona x Loyola).  Loyola is an unregistered Bernard Chow hybrid.  Seedling number 'NB16'.  Creped, crinkled and highly ruffled rose-pink semi-double to double flowers that fade to a slightly lighter color at outer edges. Lyra has small maroon flares that are not generally visible due to petal organization. Maroon sheath and stamens. Pink stigmas. 25-35 petals. 2 to 3 buds per stem. Bloom season is extended due to side buds opening after primary buds. Flowers are outward facing with good carriage. Leaves are deep green with light red petioles on upper facing surfaces. Plants produce a large mound shape with foliage to the ground. Produces large numbers of ground shoots and is one of the more vigorous growing lutea hybrids. Easily propagated through grafting. Grows to 4 feet in Wisconsin. Lyra is Latin for lyre and is a small constellation.  Lyra was often represented on star maps as a vulture or an eagle carrying a lyre.  Also known as "Falling Vulture" or "Falling Eagle".  Flowers 'fall' outward around the plant and are reference to a falling eagle.  Lyra is one of finest looking plants in the garden throughout the growing season and can be used as a landscape specimen for these attributes.  Excellent and consistent.  Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Omega Centauri. Bremer. 2019. Lactiflora. Parentage is Necromancer x Pink Laua. Medium sized double lavender flowers. Heavy blooms with many petals that are often borne in florets. 3 to 4 side buds. Very sturdy stems hold flowers upright without support. Foliage is deep green and lasts through the season very well. Has very little pollen and only occasionally produces seed due to nearly complete conversion of reproductive part to petals. Stigmas green when present. Yellow filaments when present. Incomplete and nearly imperceptible disc. Excellent growth rate. Foliage nearly to the ground. Stem height 30 inches. Named for the large and bright globular star cluster-Omega Centauri. Limited.  One per customer as supply lasts.
Origin of Serenity.  Bremer. 2019. Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid. Parentage: Manitowoc Maiden x Pastelegance. Medium-large double white with champagne-pink petal bases, creating an inner glow. Good bud covers allow flowers to open without early water damage. The double flowers have ruffled and notched petals. Flowers open in organized petal layers, often with a small ball of petals at the center, which encloses the anthers and stigmas. Stigmas are often abortive, but may be intact on some flowers. Stigmas are light pink-green and are not visible without assistance. Incomplete, nearly unidentifiable cream disc. Foliage is deep green and wide. Leaves are widely spaced on sturdy stems. Plants lean when in flower, but mechanical support is not needed for good flower presentation. A healthy growing hybrid that shows average increase. Excellent in a clump and one of the most looked at selections among our seedlings.  Limited.  One per order while supplies allow.
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