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All peonies are shipped as dormant divisions/grafts in late September and early October, the appropriate time for planting.  We do not ship peonies in the spring.  Order early for best selection.  This catalog will close in early August 2017 to allow time for field selection, processing and digging.  New introductions normally sell out very quickly, but will be available in coming years if you miss out.
Woody (tree) Peonies
Divisions from Larger Plants $110.00
Aussie Peach.  Seidl/Bremer.  2018. Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Chow I24 x Chow I31).  I31 was garden named 'Kenka' by Bernard Chow, which is unregistered.  'Aussie Peach' was nicknamed by Bill Seidl for its seed origin.  'Aussie Peach' and 'G'Day Mate' were grown from seed sent to Bill from Bernard Chow of Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990's.  Bill had originally sent seed to Bernard Chow, in which he grew and in turn used to hybridize new plants.  Thus the seed is progeny of Bill's work indirectly.  Interesting how the peony world is so connected!  Aussie Peach has single to semi-double light amber yellow with soft rose picotee flowers.  Typically flower stems carry a primary bud with another one or two side buds that open after the first bud is spent, which extends the bloom period.  It has a dusty pink sheath, light red filaments and cream-yellow stigmas.  A lower growing plant, to 3 feet in Wisconsin, that has excellent broad deep blue-green foliage.  Plants may attain greater heights in climates that experience less severe winters.   Many ground shoots are produced and plants make good subjects for division or grafting.  The plant has been distributed under its seedling number (Seidl #239) and the name 'Aussie Peach'.   Plants grow comfortably in wide ranging climates, from Minnesota to Virginia and Oregon.  Very good.  Fertile both ways, but pollen is easier.  One plant per order.
3 Year Grafted Plants $100.00
G'Day Mate.  Seidl/Bremer. 2018.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Nicknamed 'G'Day Mate' by Bill Seidl for its seed origin.  This plant and Aussie Peach were grown from seed sent to Bill from Bernard Chow of Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990's. Bill had originally sent seed to Bernard Chow, in which he grew and in turn used to hybridize new plants.  Interesting how the peony world is so connected! Large well formed flower on a vigorous plant with excellent foliage, yellow with rose highlights. One of Bill's favorite hybridizing subjects.  Fertile both ways, but pollen is easier.   This plant's stems are subject to winter die off in cold seasons, making it a good choice for warmer or protected locations.  Annual stem growth can exceed 3 feet.  Has been minimally distributed under the names 'G'Day Mate' and 'Chow's Yellow'.  A spectacular plant and excellent hybridizing subject.  Lightly fragrant.  One plant per order.
4 Year Grafted Plants $200.00
 KC Red.  Seidl/Bremer.  2018.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Semi double flowers of red-pink coloration.   Petals are nicely notched and ruffled along their edges.  Sheath and filaments are red and stamens carry bright yellow pollen.  Bill's seedling number for this plant was SH138 and it has been previously distributed under this number and the name 'KC Red'.  In the late 1990's Bill was culling plants in his garden and gifted 'KC Red' as a cull to Kris Casey, a dear friend of Bill's. Bill later saw the plant growing in Kris' garden and decided he would like it back in his garden.  So it happened and Bill began to breed with the plant, only to find that is was exceptionally fertile and quite beautiful.   Flower carriage is very good and bloom is reliable here in Wisconsin.   KC Red is perhaps one of our best advanced generation lutea hybrids and is always in high demand for fertility and beauty.  Plants are healthy and easy growers.  KC Red's parentage is Seidl #15 x unknown.  Seidl #15 comes from a cross of (Golden Experience x Chinese Dragon), which we hope to register in the future.  One plant per order.
Divisions from Larger Plants $180.00
Moonlit Castle Ruins.  Seidl/Bremer.  2018.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Seidl #1 x D223).  Seedling number is Seidl #64.  Large waxy, heavy, semi-double to double cream flowers with small dark red flares.  Somewhat nodding flowers, but stunning!  Plants have a rather short stature and are clothed to ground in large deep green foliage.  Bill Seidl named this plant for its rather dreamy colored flowers.  Cream stigmas and sheath.  Light red filaments and yellow waxy anthers.  We have an isolated mutation that displays yellow-green variegated foliage.   Reluctant seed producer and no pollen.  A much admired flower by many visitors over the years.  Moonlit Castle Ruins is easily grown, but is not readily propagated through grafting and division.  The plants are rather low growers to 30", but may attain greater heights in climates with less extreme winters.  This plant has been lightly distributed under the seedling number (#64) and as 'Moonlit Castle Ruins'.  Only a couple available. One plant per order.
Herbaceous Peonies
 Solara.  Bremer.  2018.  Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid.  (Roy Phersons Best Yellow x Vanilla Schnapps).  Seedling #NB40.   Single yellow with large wide pleated (like crepe paper) petals.  Selected from a long cross for its exceptionally well colored flowers and good plant habits.  Images often show this as being a light yellow flower, it is truly a bright well defined yellow that can be seen across the garden.  Brilliant red stigmas sit atop light green carpels which are covered in white hairs.  An incomplete pink disc is not easily visible.  Filaments are yellow for most of their length, but have red bases.  Anthers yellow with much pollen.  Up to 6 side buds extent the season for weeks.  Easily fertile both ways.  Awarded a certificate of merit at the 2017 APS Convention and winner of best seedling. The vigorous plants stand 38 inches high and make a rounded bush of equal or greater dimensions. Foliage is deep green and healthy throughout the growing season. Excellent display of flowers need no support.   A bee magnet, makes it a wonderful garden plant. Named Solara, Spanish for the sun. One division per order.
Hemerocallis (daylily)
$80.00 Double Fan
*#NB-D5-15.  Bremer.  2018.  Registration Pending.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  ML.  24 buds.  3 branches.  Light cream-yellow overlaid with a rosy-apricot blend near the edges of the petals.  Petals have a wonderful pleated ruffling at the edges.  Green throat.  Flower substance is heavy and lasts well throughout the day.  A high performance plant in a clump was named for a friend's father who spent a lifetime loving music.  Excellent and recommended.  ((Face of Emily x Virtuosity) x Wedding in the Snow).
$80.00 Double Fan
*NB-D3-15.  Bremer.  2018.  Registration Pending.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  27"-5".  ML.  26 buds.  4 branches.  Light melon-orange with a rosy-orange eye and edge.  Crimped ruffling, which becomes broader in hot humid conditions.  Outstanding clump plant with excellent foliage.   (Border Bride x Orange Chucklehead). 
$100.00 Double Fan
*NB-D1-15.  Bremer.  2018.  Registration Pending.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  34"-6.5".  ML.  23 buds.  3 branches.  Bright yellow with maroon red eye and edge.  Unusual form-crispate-cascade-spatulate.  This plant puts on a different show each day and is always stunning.  Many visitors have been patiently waiting to get this wonderful high performance plant into their gardens.  Clumps are excellent!  ((Bang Bang x Ships and Giggles) x Victim of Your Own Success)
$80.00 Double Fan
*NB-1129.  Bremer.  2018.  Registration Pending.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  ML.  22 buds.  3 branches.  Cream white with muted lavender eyezone and edge.  An usual color that is quite striking.  Excellent plant habits and superior branching structure.  (Senatorial Seduction x Thorn in the Flesh). 
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