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 Hemerocallis (daylily) Catalog... 'H'
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Online daylily sales/shipping will not be available this year due to the replanting of our entire sales field last year and another winter/spring season of damaging weather conditions. 
  $15.00 Double Fan
Hale Bremer.  Bremer.  2006.  Dormant.  Diploid.  37"-8".  3-4 branches.  29 buds.  M.  Golden yellow UF.  White edge by day's end.  Small Small green throat.  Excellent scapes. Twists and turns with many buds open at once.   A fast grower that is wild and creative like its namesake.  Hale Bremer 1934-2014.  (Jersey Spider x Jan's Twister) x (Kindly Light x Unknown). 
$12.00 Double Fan
*Haleakala.  Trester.  2011.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  29"-6".  3-4 branches.  25 buds.  ML.  Coral-orange petals and sepals with a faint rose halo over a gold throat.  Wide slightly ruffled petals with a small gold edge.  (South Seas × Bill Munson)

  $6.75 Double Fan
*Hang Time.  Ellison.  2002.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M. Fragrant.  Mauve-rose with cream watermark and gold edge. A yellow then green throat.  Has a sandblasted color pattern.  Very popular during summer digging season.  Ever Delightful × unknown)
$9.00 Double Fan 

*Harmony Ruffles.  Reckamp-Klehm.  2003.  Dormant. Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  L.  Soft cream and light pink blend above a green throat.  Flowers have wonderful lemon colored ruffles.  Excellent plant habit and great in a clump.
$100.00 Double Fan 

*Harold Steen.  Korth.  2013.  Dormant.  Tetraploid. 30"-6". M. Fragrant.  25 buds.  4 branches.  Red with white watermark and midrib.  This cultivar has one of the largest ruffled edges of gold that we see in the north.  Named for an outstanding daylily ambassador from Wisconsin.  (((Northern Splendor x Shores of Time) x Heir to the Throne) x One Foundation).
 $10.00 Double Fan
*Hazmatter's Ball.  Davisson.  2007.  Evergreen.  Tetraploid.  28"-7".  3 branches.  22 buds.  M.  Slate-lavender with cream watermark.  Large yellow appliqué throat reaches far out on petal and sepals.  Large star shaped flowers.  ((sdlg × Blue Orchid) × Tet. Rainbow Spangles)
$25.00 Double Fan 

*Head Hunter.  Gossard.  2013.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  68"-5.5".  Fragrant.  22 buds.  5 branches.  Red with a darker red eyezone and yellow-green throat.  A very tall beauty!  (Fire Sorceror x Sky Dragon).
$8.00 Double Fan
*Heal Thy Spirit.
  Olson.  1998.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  25"-6".  4 branches.  24 buds.  ML.  Antique light rose with rose burgundy eyezone and a yellow-green throat.  Toothy edged flowers open wide and are beautiful.  Sells very fast for us on site.  Not a widely distribued cultivar.  (seedling x seedling)
  $80.00 Double Fan
*Heat of the Sun.  Bremer.  2015.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  27"-5.5".  3 branches. 22+ buds.  ML.  Deep hot orange with a precise dark red eyezone.  Flowers are of heavy substance and have excellent ruffles.  The flower is 'HOT'!  Fertile both ways. Very limited availability.  ((Orange Chucklehead x Ember of Vesuvius) x (Dragon Pinata x Power of Love)).

$6.75 Double Fan
*Heavenly Beginning.  Gossard.  2001.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  36"-6.5".  3 branches.  24 buds.  M.  Yellow overlaid with bronze, bubbly ragged edge. Plants are large growers and are showy.  (Startle × Tet. Spindazzle)
$10.00 Double Fan
*Heavenly Crown.  Reckamp-Klehm.  1979.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  26"-5.5".  3 branches. 20 buds.  ML.  Orange-melon blend polychrome.   Nice scapes with flowers that can have wildly fringed edges.  An oldie, but a goodie.  (sdlg × Divine Gift)
$6.75 Double Fan 

Heavenly Curls.  Gossard.  2003.  Dormant.  Diploid.  29"-8".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Large cream spider that twists and curls.  A quick increaser.  (Mormon Spider x Frozen Mert).
$12.00 Double Fan
Heavenly Pink Butterfly.  Gossard.  2004.  Dormant. Diploid.  49"-6".  4 branches.  28 buds.  M.  Soft lavender pink bitone with pink banded eye above a green throat.   Excellent.  (Royal Butterfly × Malachite Prism)
$30.00 Double Fan
*Heavenly United We Stand.  Gossard.  2009.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  51"-9".  M.  Tall sun fast blood red above a green throat.   Strong growing plants that put on a great show.  2017 Stout Award.  (sdlg × Megatron)
$6.75 Double Fan
Helen Shooter.  Shooter.  1999.  Dormant.  Diploid.  25"-7".  3 branches.  24 buds.  M.  Light pink self.  Light yellow then green throat.  Large flower that is flat and nicely ruffled.  Typically blooms at the top of the foliage and is shorter than registered.  ((Super Valentine × Christy Smith) × Reaching)
$15.00 Double Fan
*Hell Bent.  Bremer.  2010.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Orange with deep orange-red eyezone.  Yellow then green throat.  A showy round flower that attracts viewers and routinely sells out. (Orange Chucklehead x Iron In The Fire).

$6.75 Double Fan 

*Heritage China.  Stamile.  1989.  Dormant.  27"-6".  3 branches.  25 buds. EM.  Large ivory self.  Excellent plant and scapes.  Flowers are very large and showy.  (Atlanta Cover Girl x Pink Monday).
  $18.00 Double Fan
*High Cliff.  Bremer.  2015.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  35"-6".  3 branches.  24 buds.  ML.  Flesh colored base color with a deep rose eye and wire edge.  Wide heavy substanced segments overlap nicely.  Scapes are tall and well branched.  Named for a gorgeous Wisconsin State Park nearby.  Fertile both ways.    Foolish Dragon x (Cold Shoulder x Festive Fall)
$15.00 Double Fan
*High Water Mark.  Davisson.  2008.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  25"-7".  3 branches.  24 buds. M.  Fragrant.  Slate-lavender with chalky watermark on a large flower.  Very attractive color combination.  (sdlg × Anguilla)
$28.00 Double Fan 

*Holiday Party.  Kropf.  1996.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  26"-5.5".  3-4 branches.  22 buds.  Double red self with creamy yellow edging and yellow to green throat.  Choice and uncommon. 
$7.00 Double Fan
*Holiday Song.  Rasmussen.  1995.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  22"-4".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Coral-pink blend with red wine eye and orange throat.  A hotly colored flower that catches the viewers eye. Super plant habits and wonderfully formed flowers.  (Jeanne Fitton × (Jeanne Fitton × Tet. Siloam Virginia Henson))
  $6.75 Double Fan
Holly Dancer.  Warrel.  1988.  Dormant.  Diploid.  32"-6".  3-4 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Spider Ratio 4.25:1.  Brilliant red spider variant with a green throat.  Often used in hybridizing.  Excellent and popular.  ((Stoplight × Monseigneur Garnet) × (Stoplight × sdlg))
  $15.00 Double Fan
*Holstein.  Klehm.  2003.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  28"-7".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Fragrant.  Flowers are a light cream blend with a green throat and light ruffling.  Typical Klehm plant, superior habits and great flowers.
  $40.00 Double Fan
*Honey Badger.  Bremer.  2015.  Dormant. Tetraploid.  30"-6".  4 branches.  27 buds.  ML.  Fragrant.  Soft cream with pink flush above a yellow then green throat.  A superior plant that displays it's gorgeous delicate flowers to their fullest.   Strong yet graceful.  Fertile both ways.   (Apple Strudel x Face of Emily).
$12.00  Double Fan 

Honey Crunch Cupcake.  Herrington.  1999.  Dormant.  Diploid.  Fragrant.  26"-4".  L. 18 buds.  5 branches.  Double light lavender blend with darker eye above a honey gold throat.  (Tropical Fiesta x seedling).
 $20.00 Double Fan
*Honey On My Lips.  Olson.  2005.  Dormant.  32"-6".  3-4 branches.  26 buds.  L.  Honey-peach base tone with deeper patterned eye of tawny rose.  Broad ruffled edge of honey-peach. Green throat.  One heck of a flower and plant.  One of the best in our opinion.  (Momentum × unknown)
$75.00 Double Fan 

*Hooked on You.  Gossard.  2014.  Dormant. Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  3-4 branches.  22 buds.  Rosy red with a lighter rose watermark and green throat.  Sepals and petals have white teeth throughout the edges.  Excellent color and performance in the north. ((Order or Chaos x White Fang) x Spartan Warrior). 
$18.00 Double Fan 

*Hotta Pinkie.
 Owen.  2008.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  EM. Fragrant.  27 buds.  4 branches.  Bright pink with deeper eye and gold wire edge above a yellow-green throat.  ((Splendid Touch x Daring Deception) x (Latin Satin x Jayne Lough)).
  $20.00 Double Fan
*House of Misrepresentatives.  Bremer.  2011.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  29"-7.5".  4 branches.  25 buds.  M.  Extremely bright violet purple blend, a spidery affair.  Has a rather sinister look, due to deep flower color.  Fast increaser. (Scratch My Itch x Frankies Fantasy) x (Star of India x Scratch My Itch). 

$6.75 Double Fan
House of Orange.  Weston.  1990.  Dormant. Diploid.  27"-5.25.  M.  Dark bitter-sweet orange with a green throat. Popular for great color.  (Douglas Porter × Bologongo)
$7.00 Double Fan
*Hyperion Elite.  Klehm/Elsley.  1987.  Dormant.  36"-6.5".  3 branches.  20 buds.  ML.  Very fragrant.  Huge yellow self, simply outstanding in a clump.  Flowers are star shaped.  Very noticeable in the garden.  A popular plant during digging season.
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