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 Hemerocallis (daylily) Catalog... 'J'
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Daylilies listed are available at the farm during summer digging season (June 26 to August 4).  See our farm calendar for open dates and hours.  Plants were in excellent condition this past fall and should be ready for visitors to purchase and view beautiful specimens!  Most plants will have double or multiple fans and will make great additions to your garden.  Customers get the largest plant we have available for the price.  We no longer sell daylilies online due to our busy growing seasons.
$12.00 per plant
*Jack and the Beanstalk. 
Gossard.  2002.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  60"-9".  4 branches.  28 buds.  M.  Unusual form cascade.  Large showy yellow self with green throat and of open form  Scapes tend to lean.  ((sdlg × Big Bird) × Tet. Spindazzle)
$12.00 per plant
Jack Sprat.
 Warrel.  1999.  Dormant.  Diploid.  29"-8.5.  Fragrant.  Spider Ratio 4.00:1.  Orchid purple self with light orchid pauple watermark and large yellow then green throat.  Small growing plants produce large flowers.  (Satin Bird × Starsearch)
$8.00 per plant
*Jaded.  Bremer.  2012.  Dormant.  32"-5".   3 branches.  25 buds.  M.  Flat, unruffled beige flower with violet highlights along the edges of the petals and sepals.  Very unique, well budded and branched scapes.  Variability in color is possible due to growing conditions (lavender in cool weather).  Fertile. (Cruising for a Bruising) x (Inquire Within x Bruised Ego)
$7.00 per plant
Janice Brown.  Brown.  1986.  Dormant.  Diploid.  21"-4.25".  3-4 branches.  22 buds.  ML to L.  Dusty light pink with deep antique rose eye and green throat.  Scapes are well branched and bloom for an extended period.  Very good.
$7.00 per plant
Jan's Twister.  Joiner.  1991.  Evergreen.  Diploid.  28"-11.5".  3 branches.  18 buds.  M.  Peach self.  Large unusual form spider that twists, turns and pinches.  Excellent, but benefits from some winter protection.  A very popular unusual form during summer bloom season. 
$15.00 per plant
*Jealous Jessica.  Bremer.  2013.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  34"-6.5".  3-4 branches.  26 buds.  M.  Clearest purple with cream throat.  Large open shape.  Deep blue green foliage.  Great plant habits and flower!Superior in all ways.
(Frankie's Fantasy x Cielo Lavanda). 
$7.00 per plant
Jersey Spider.  Grovatt.  1973.   Dormant.  Diploid.  46"-8".  3 branches.  18 buds.  Gold self with very small green throat.  Bright color and very showy.  (Orange Marmalade x President Rice)
$7.00 per plant
*Jerusalem.  Stevens-Seawright.  1985.  Dormant. Tetraploid.  28"-5".  M.  Brilliant bright gold with green throat.  Color is one that draws viewers from a distance.  (Truffles × Dance Ballerina Dance)
$7.00 per plant
*Jim's Song.  Calhoun.  1995.  Evergreen.  25"-6.5".  3 branches.  16 buds.  M.  Unusual red blend (pinkish cast) and yellow-green throat.  May show winter damage in extreme years.  Very good color. 
$7.00 per plant
*Joan Derifield.  Hanson.  2000.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  35"-7".  3-4 branches.  24 buds.  M.  Rose violet with large light watermark. Yellow-green throat.  Large and showy plant that is excellent in a clump.  A very popular cultivar during summer digging season.  ((Julian Cohen × Royal Heiress) × Robert Lee Batt)
$7.00 per plant
*John Coltrane.  Hanson.  2002.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  36"-5.5".  4 branches.  28 buds.  M.  Violet-purple self with yellow-green throat.  Very clear and pleasant color.  Excellent.  (Tupac Amaru × Night Deposit)
$25.00 per plant
*Joy to the World.
 Klehm.  2003.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  28"-5.75"+.  3-4 branches.  24 buds.  ML.  Fragrant.  Light pink blush of polychrome yellow-gold with a green throat.  Excellent bubbled/fringed edges.  Somewhat slow growing and may not be double fans by spring digging time.  A favorite that is not commonly available.
$40.00 per plant
*Juicy Bubble Butt.  Bremer.  2012. Dormant.   Tetraploid.  28"-5.5".  4 branches.  26 buds.  VL.  Superior deep clear pink with white edges and some teeth, latest plant to start flowering in our garden (almost always after the gardens close for digging).  Superior branching and foliage.  (Ruffled Strawberry Parfait x Cold Shoulder).  Proving to be an excellent parent.

$40.00 per plant
*Julian Cohen.  Hanson.  1999.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  36"-5.5".  3 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Deep violet rose with soft cranberry watermark.   Awesome color and flower.
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