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 Hemerocallis 'Beauty for a Day', the Daylily...
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Please note:  Daylilies in our catalog are available at the farm during summer digging season (June 26 to August 4).  See our farm calendar for open dates and hours.  Plants were in excellent condition this past fall and should be ready for visitors to purchase and view beautiful specimens!  Most plants will have double or multiple fans and will make great additions to your garden.  Customers get the largest plant we have available for the price.  We no longer sell daylilies online due to our busy growing seasons.

The Bremers' Solaris Farms specializes in far northern hardy daylilies and we hybridize for this much needed plant characteristic. Our mission in hybridizing is...better plant, better scapes and better flowers in that order!  Solaris Farms is located in an area of harsh winter climate that experiences greater than normal freeze/thaw cycles, icing and exposure.  With these factors in mind, Solaris Farms is working on programs involving clear vibrant colors, unusual forms, ruffled reds and eyezones.  If you are tired of plants that do not perform or even survive in the north, give us a try--we guarantee your 'hardy' satisfaction!   Great garden daylilies must not only survive, but be productive as plants!   Our plants do not require special winter attention and have been tested without mulching or extra care.  Southern genetics are used sparingly, or not at all in our hybridizing program, since hardy genetics can be easily diluted.  The flowers on our plants have come a long way and the plants are superior in many instances to other available material.  The unique combination of plant habit and beauty are now recognized by many gardeners and hybridizers as northern 'jewels'.

The business is built on the premise of 'hardy plants' for northern locations.  Thus you might ask, 'Where are all the beauties I see on other websites and in catalogs?'  We pride ourselves on selecting the best plants for the north and make every effort to avoid offering cultivars that will not perform and survive our climate.  No games, no gimmicks and no guesses.  For more see our Hemerocallis Culture & Care page.

The farm is a State of Wisconsin registered and inspected nursery and an official American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden.   All plants are propagated here in Reedsville, Wisconsin (we are not resellers).  Our plants are free of rust and other plant diseases commonly seen in nurseries that resell plants or carelessly bring in large quantities of new plant material each year. We are open to the public from late June to early August (dates vary each year depending on bloom)
.  Plants are dug and sold on site during our summer digging season.  Please see our walk-on summer calendar for more specific information.

Solaris Farms sells a wide range of northern hardy daylilies, from mostly northern hybridizers and of course our own selections.  Some of the cultivars are older, but still have great garden value.  Newer cultivar introductions often have unusual flower characteristics or have hardy plant growth developed for northern gardens. Please enjoy our selection of hardy Hemerocallis.

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