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Online daylily sales/shipping will not be available this year due to the replanting of our entire sales field last year and another winter/spring season of damaging weather conditions. 
$12.00 Double Fan

*Ode to Faith.  Reckamp/Klehm.  2003.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  33"-6".  4 branches.  27 buds.  M.  Slightly fragrant deep yellow with gold base. Pink tones on outer center of petals and sepals. Gold ruffling. Green throat.  Excellent plant.
$12.00 Double Fan
*Ode to Sweetness.  Reckamp/Klehm.  2003.  Dormant.  24"-5.5".  3 branches.  25 buds.  M.  Fragrant.  Gorgeous light peach flowers with excellent ruffled edges with a yellow-green throat.  Excellent performer.
  $6.75 Double Fan
*Olallie Red.  Darrow.  1974.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  34"-6.25".  3 branches.  20 buds.  ML.  Crimson red with deeper halo and green throat.  Large wide open flowers of brilliant coloration.  A fast and strong growing plant that is covered with flowers during bloom season.  (sdlg × Sir Patrick Spens)
$12.00 Double Fan

*Old King Cole.  Moldovan.  1995. Dormant.  Tetraploid.  32"-5.5".  3-4 branches.  25 buds.  M.  Medium red-purple and light lavender bitone.   Yellow then green throat. Very good contrast.  (Flying Carpet x Emperor Butterfly).
  $6.75 Double Fan

*Old Sol.  Bremer.  2004. (#Rec1 x #Rec2)  23" height, 5" flowers, 17 to 24 buds, 3 branches, dormant, tetraploid, mid-late  season.  Like a soft slow sunset, Old Sol has very comforting polychrome flowers reminiscent of Brother Charles Reckamp's  wonderful hybrids.  Old Sol presents it's very heavy substanced flowers facing upwards, just above the wonderful blue-green foliage.  A clear yellow has hints of pink throughout and the midribs have a deeper infusion of pink.  The plant increases somewhat slowly (not surprising, since it is at least F5 line bred).  Old Sol's offspring have heavy substance and will take on other colors with grace.  I'd like the plant to have a better bud count and branching (mostly top branched), but it is consistent and seldom shows the stresses that climate and insects inflict upon fancy edged daylilies.  And yes it has a wonderfully intricate edge of yellow gold that is quite different and showy.  Fertile both ways.

$15.00 Double Fan

*Old Time Rock and Roll.  Klehm.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  2002.  32"-6.5".  3 branches.  24 buds.  ML.  Excellent deep clear red with a small very green throat.  Gorgeous plants form wonderful clumps.
  $12.00 Double Fan
*On The Avenue.  Moldovan.  2003.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  36"-6".  3-4 branches.  25 buds.  EM.  Fragrant.  Clear lavender-pink self with a green throat.  One of the best lavender-pinks for color and consistency.  Superior carriage, form and plant.  Husky grower with equally big scapes.  Very highly recommended.  (Scottish Fantasy × Chance Encounter).
$18.00 Double Fan

*Only Prettier.  Klehm.  2013.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  28"-6".  E. 28 buds.  4 branches.  Pink-peach pastel blend with green throat.  Excellent ruffling throughout.  Superior plant habits and scapes. 
  $6.75 Double Fan
Open Hearth.  Lambert.  1976.  Dormant.  Diploid.  26"-9".  3-4 branches.  22 buds. Unusual form spathulate.  Red-orange with a glowing yellow-orange throat.  Petals are darker than sepals giving a nice bitone affect.  A wide open flower that never fails to attract.  Fast growing plants.  ((Droednoeth × Lonnie) × Chocolate Pudding)
  $16.00 Double Fan
*Orange Angel.  Klehm.  2005.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-6".  3-4 branches.  27 buds.  Deeply saturated peach-orange self, very ruffled and well formed.  Outstanding scapes and tremendously beautiful flowers.  Excellent parent.
$12.00 Double Fan

*Orange Clown.  Goldner/Webster.  2007.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  32"-9".  L. Fragrant.  20 buds.  4 branches.  Unusual form-crispate/cascade.  Blended orange with dark red orange halo above a bright yellow to green throat.  Superior plant that takes a year to settle in.  Highly recommended.
$6.75 Double Fan
Orange Velvet.  Joiner.  1988.  Dormant.  Diploid.  30"-6"  4 branches.  24 buds.  ML.  Very ruffled and creamy orange with green throat.  Soft and beautiful.  Excellent plant habits.   (Copper Lantern × Golden Scroll)
$6.75 Double Fan
*Orchid Candy.  Stamile.  1994.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  23"-4.25".  2-3 branches.  18 buds.  M.  Lavender with a high contrast notched purple eye and green throat!  An intense color combination.  Plants are fast growers and do best if divided every three years.  Always an eyecatcher.
$12.00 Double Fan
  Hite/Davisson.  1999.  Dormant. Diploid.  28"-9".  3-4 branches 22 buds.  Very fragrant.  Unusual form crispate-cascade.  Polymerous 50% of the time. Bright chrome yellow unusual form.   Showy and an excellent plant.  (Yellow Mammoth × Green Dolphin Street)
$40.00 Double Fan
 Out of Balance.  Gossard.  2015.  Dormant.  Diploid.  36"-4.75".  M. Fragrant.  24 buds.  5 branches.  Unusual form-cripate/cascade.  Light yellow with a very red eyezone and green throat.  (We Can Dance x Squirrelly).
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