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 Hemerocallis (daylily) Catalog... 'Q'
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Online daylily sales will not be available this year until late spring to early summer due to the replanting of our entire sales field last year.  We want to make sure all of remediation in the field produces quality plants for shipping.  Many new and old favorites will be available this year!  The cultivars below and many more should be ready for our summer digging season this coming summer! 
  $6.75 Double Fan
Quiet Earth.  Bremer.  2002. Dormant.  Diploid.  24"-5.25.  3 branches.  24 buds. M. Fragrant.  Cream-ivory yellow blend with ruffled edges and waxy substance.  Fast increaser with beautiful foliage.  A shorter plant suitable for front of the border.  (Music from Heaven × sdlg) × (Barbara Mitchell × sdlg))
$7.00 Single Fan

Quiet My Heart.  2004. (Janice Brown (Dragon's Eye x seedling))  23" height, 4" flowers, 18+ buds, 4 branches, dormant, diploid, mid season.  Fragrant.  Picture is accurate.  Quiet My Heart is a wonderfully ruffled cream with a gorgeous red eye.  The eye is bisected at the mid ribs and supplies an artistic symmetry to the flower.  A red picotee follows the petal about half way around.  Excellent substance and deals with hot sun very well.  Good increaser.  Fertile both ways.  
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