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 Hemerocallis (daylily) Catalog... 'V'
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Daylilies listed are available at the farm during summer digging season (June 26 to August 4).  See our farm calendar for open dates and hours.  Plants were in excellent condition this past fall and should be ready for visitors to purchase and view beautiful specimens!  Most plants will have double or multiple fans and will make great additions to your garden.  Customers get the largest plant we have available for the price.  We no longer sell daylilies online due to our busy growing seasons.
$7.00 per plant
*Valley Monster.  Powell.  1983.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  33"-9".  M.  Fragrant.  Yellow self with bronze overlay and green throat.  (Monster x Hudson Valley). 
$7.00 per plant
*Velvet Beads.  Olson.  1994.  Dormant.  28"-5".  3 branches.  22 buds.  ML.  Flame red with raised beaded edge and green throat.  Very good coloration and popular.
$15.00 per plant
*Venus Flytrap.
  Gossard.  2008.  Evergreen.   Tetraploid.  32"-6".  4 branches.  18 buds.  ML.  Fragrant.    Burgundy maroon red with white tooth edge.  ((Order or Chaos × Shinto Etching) × (Forestlake Ragamuffin × Heavenly Beginnings))
$35.00 per plant
*Veronica's Vanity.  Bremer.  2009.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  38"-7".  3-4 branches.  22+ buds.  ML.  Super dark blue-green foliage.  Good increaser.    Big time ruffled up large flowers on tall scapes!  VV is a dark velvety red that has a wonderful sheen to its surface.  Flowers are huge and are carried high and on goliath scapes.  Buds are white to light green and make an interesting contrast.  VV does well in the sun for a dark red flower, but a bit of shade would be helpful.  Bloom season starts in mid July and lasts to mid August for us.  Outstanding in every way.  (Power of Love x Creative Vision) x (Only the Valiant x ?). 
$50.00 per plant
*Victim of Your Own Success. 
Bremer.  2016.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  25"-6.5.  4 branches.  25 buds.  ML.  Unusual form crispate-cascade.  Brilliant clear red with darker eyezone and large yellow throat that shows up on petals and sepals. Stamens are yellow at base and turn to red with black anthers.  Excellent blue green foliage. Beautiful clean coloration.  Fertile both ways.  (Catastrophic Events x Bang Bang).
$7.00 per plant
*Victoria Park. 
Culver.  2002.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  28"-5.5".  ML.  Fragrant.  25 buds.  3 branches.  Pink self above a green throat.  Very good plant habits and beautiful flower.
$7.00 per plant
Vienna.  Trimmer.  1995.  Dormant.  Diploid.  23"-3.5".  EM.  Double cream with wine eyezone and green throat.  Well branched and budded.  (Exotic Echo x (Siloam Ribbon Candy x Nagasaki).
$12.00 per plant
*Virtuosity.  Bremer.  2006.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  32"-5.5".  3 branches.  24 buds.  Finally we have a good supply of this gorgeous cultivar.  There are many gold edged tets available today, but few survive for us in Wisconsin.  Virtuosity is very hardy and it does not need warm weather to open or to present its wonderful gold edge.  Pink-lavender is the presiding color and it has a fine band of darker rose on some days.  The throat has a broad area of yellow extending out on to the petals and good green throat.  Foliage is dark green and holds well into August here.  Clumps of this plant are gorgeous and it was much admired by visitors through it's long bloom period this summer.   An excellent dormant that is pod fertile with a little effort, pollen is easy of course.  Seedlings have been good, but require a bit more time to grow up than other crosses, due to Reckamp background in all likelihood. 
$12.00 per plant
*Vitamin C.  Owen.  2011.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  30"-5.5".  3-4 branches.  20 buds.  M.  Very deep burnt orange with red eye and edge.  Very good.  ((Cherokee Pass × Border Blessed) × Foothills Fantasy).
$10.00 per plant
*Vitamins.  Klehm.  2003.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  32"-6.5".  L.  Pinkish cream blend above a green throat.  Another very nice Klehm polychrome.
$28.00 per plant
*Volcanic Plume.  Bremer. 2016.  Dormant.  Tetraploid.  28"-5.25"  4-5 branches.  30 buds.  ML.  Heavy substanced orange with darker orange eyezone and olive green throat. Sandy pattern to coloration.  Very well budded, branched and awesome in a clump.  Clump image on right shows outstanding branching and buds, but was taken during a cool rainy period causing flowers to be less well colored.  Fertile both ways.  (Undercurrent x Lucifer's Fire) x (Embers of Vesuvius x Tremble).
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