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Lilium Images
Martagon |Orienpet | Asiatic
Lilium are available at the farm during summer digging in July and August only.  No mail order or reservations.  Due to heavy annual sales of these plants, we do not have a listing of what will be available for summer purchasing of Lilium at the farm.  However, we do expect to have some of the following pictured Lilium and many more.  We have many martagon cultivars in containers for purchase and think these are wonderful plants for our shade gardens in the northern tier. 
Lilium martagon Cultivars
Attiwa Chameleon Claude Shride Cranberry Dancer Dalhansonii
Fairy Morning Manitoba Morning Maroon King albiflorum album
Various martagons Mrs. R. O. Backhouse Orange Marmalade Pink Attraction Pink Morning
Russian Morning  Sunny Morning   Arabian Night  Gay Bird  Guinea Gold
Amarosi Bay Watch Bonbini Competition Flash Point
Friso Fujian Holland Beauty Nymph Ormea
Paraguay Elusive   
Aye Caramba Forever Susan Landini London Purple Eye
Red Velvet Tiger Babies      

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