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Links we find useful:

American Peony Society... The APS is the governing organization for Peonies.  Much information is available through the website and is a good place to start learning about modern Peonies.  This Society now has an online registration data base that is currently being populated with hundred of images, helpful if you are looking for further information about a particular peony.

The American Hemerocallis Society... The AHS is the governing organization that oversees daylilies.  A fine website with a great deal of information and images.  This site includes a database of all registered daylilies.

BAD Buds (Bay Area Daylily Buds)... This chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Gardeners in Northeast Wisconsin (or other areas) may want to consider joining this wonderful group and partake in their many activity offerings.

Daylily Society of Southeast Wisconsin...A very active chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Many great educational offerings, as well as plant sales are conducted by the group.
Join them, if they are nearby-you'll surely enjoy!

Wisconsin Daylily Society...Wisconsin's largest chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is based in the Madison area.  Like the other Wisconsin AHS societies, this group puts on many great programs and a very large daylily sale.

Carsten Burkhardt's Paeonia Project... The 'JEWEL' of all Peony websites, this online resource has a huge database with many pictures and information.  This site is a must for Paeonia aficionados!  The site does not contain the most current Paeonia introductions, but the vast majority of plants grown prior to 2006 can be found.  Some care must be taken when viewing information and images as there are some inaccuracies.

Wisconsin Peony Society... The WPS is an active local group of Peony growers and gardeners.  The group takes trips to gardens in the spring, holds an outstanding auction in fall and holds informational meeting in colder months.  A great group to join! 

Hidden Springs Flower Farm... A business completely dedicated to Peonies from Hidden Springs Flower Farmherbaceous peonies!  Hidden Springs is owned by Harvey Buchite, a friend and Paeonia expert.  His business is an outstanding source of older collectable varieties, species and many new cultivars that may be difficult to find from other sources.  Harvey is located in Minnesota, grows his own plants and has a long background in peonies, as well as other plants.  If you are looking for something different in herbaceous peonies, we certainly recommend Hidden Springs Flower Farm.

Klehm's Song Sparrow Nursery... While I don't like to recommend competitors, Song Sparrow is one of the finest cold climate plant resources on the planet.  Few growers offer the selection that Roy Klehm has amassed and he offers an excellent selection of woody Peonies to boot (there are few good sources for these).

North American Lily Society... The governing organization for Lilium.  This website has a wide variety of resources that will be helpful to anyone that loves and grows these plants.

B&D Lilies... Again, I don't like to give business away, but this is perhaps the best Lilium bulb resource we yet discovered.  They offer fine plants, as well as the best information anywhere.  The offerings change yearly and the quality of their product is unequalled.

All Things Plants...A wonderful website that includes: forums, images, plant shopping information, data, etc...  It is quite comprehensive and may be quite helpful finding information about a wide range of gardening queries. 
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