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Web Specials and Collections
All Paeonia must be ordered using our online shopping cart due to inventory control. October delivery only. All peonies listed on these pages are freshly dug and harvested in the autumn of the year.  October is the proper planting time for peonies in most of the northern tier of the United States.

Other plants shipped from May 20 to August 15.
10 Unique Root Divisions $160.00
Lactiflora Peony Cutting Collection.
  Lactiflora peonies are fragrant and make excellent subjects for bouquets.  If buds cut a couple of days before the flowers open, the stems can be stored in a refrigerator for many weeks and used in arrangements for extended periods.  The plants in this collection are of easy culture and also make excellent garden subjects.  The collection includes ten unique cultivars and will be labeled with their name.   Our choice will include a variety of colors, shapes and forms.  Shipped in October only.
10 Unique Root Divisions $250.00
End of Season Herbaceous Hybrid Peony Collection. 
Herbaceous hybrid peonies are new relatively new to the gardening world.  The range of colors and forms are wide.  Demand for herbaceous hybrids is high and prices are often very high for new and unique cultivars.  Many do not have fragrance, but are stunning nonetheless.   This collection will likely include some yellow cultivars and some that are rare.  A great way to begin or augment a peony collection.  Our choice of 10 cultivars from our fall harvest.  These will be shipped in October after all preorders have been filled.
10 Pads for $30.00
Opuntia humifusaA winter hardy cactus that grows quite well in Wisconsin and even further north!  Native to almost all states bordering the Mississippi River and east.  This cactus has the paddle shaped stems with small pokers.  Flowers are bright yellow and about 1.5" to 2" in diameter and bloom in June here in Wisconsin.  Flowering can be quite heavy and the plants are quite showy when in bloom.  After flowering, plants grow fruit that turns red as the season progresses.   Grows only to about 6", as the pads often lay flat on the ground.  In late fall the plants reduce the amount of water in their pad and become wrinkled and desiccated in appearance.  During the month of May the plants rehydrate and become plump before the onset of new growth and flowering.  No special care is needed, but they do best in full sun and a well drained area.  Ours grow on clay next to boulders in an exposed area.  This hardy cactus is perfect conversation piece that will grow well in hot dry places that other plants do not flourish.  My aunt grows it between a driveway and a rock wall.   This offer is for 10 unrooted pads.  Pads can be directly planted in the garden by burying the edge of the pad shallowly.  Rooting will take place over a moth or two and plants will likely bloom the following year.  An excellent way to get your own 'cactus patch' going!  Shipped May 20 to August 15.
10 Unique Woody Peonies (1 or 2 year old grafts) $400.00
tarter's Woody Peony Collection In this collection you will receive 10 woody (tree) peonies from our 1 and 2 year old grafting beds.  Plants are a year or two from blooming, but will be freshly harvested and strong growing.  Our choice of registered hybrids and select seedlings (numbered &/or named).  Collection contains lutea hybrid, rockii lineage hybrid and suffruticosa cultivars.  An outstanding value as we will certainly include some valuable cultivars that if individually purchased would be valued at a much higher price.  All plants have been grafted at Solaris Farms, thus no adventitious nurse roots.  That's $40.00/plant!  Our choice.  Shipped in October after grafting beds have been dug.  3 collections available.
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