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Woody Paeonia Catalog Pages (tree or shrub peony)
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Solaris Farms has completed taking peony orders for the 2018 season.  Thank you to all that have ordered.  Our new offering for 2019 will appear on this website in January 2019.  All peonies are shipped as dormant divisions and grafted plants in late September and early October, the appropriate time for planting.  Please see our cultural pages for planting and care instructions.  We do not ship peonies in the spring.  Order early for best selection.  Please note that lutea hybrids typically do not grow over 4’ in Wisconsin due to winter kill of stems, but reliably regrow and bloom on basal buds.  They may grow taller in more reasonable climates.   Sizes:  (1) 3 Year Grafted Plants are often beginning to grow their own roots, but still require some time on the nurse root.  They will likely bloom within a year or two of planting.  (2) 4 and 5 Year Grafted plants are larger and will likely bloom within a year. They will also likely have their own roots.  (3) Divisions from Large Plants almost always have their own roots and are most likely to bloom within a year.  Note:  Larger plants and divisions often take a year longer to establish compared to young grafts.  Note:  Solaris Farms uses non-adventitious rootstock on our grafts, thus herbaceous growth will not be seen or compete with the woody portion of the plant.
Own Root Divisions $60.00
3 Year Grafted Plants $45.00
Saunders.  1948.  F1 lutea hybrid.  Rose/copper blend.  Flowers open cream, edged in pink and then fade to a more uniform color.  Pink stigmas, red sheath and stamens.  Extremely good flower producer. Flowers are outward facing and are held on tall plants that make them easily viewed. Plants become large and rounded.  Stem hardiness is not very good and plants often loose stems from winter kill, but quickly regrow from basal buds.  Excellent fast grower that can produce 4 feet or more of stem growth in a single year.  Foliage is finely cut.  Very good. No fertility noted.  Parentage unknown.
Plants Sold Out Since January 1, 2018
3 Year Grafted Plants $50.00
Madame Louis Henry.  Henry. 1919.  Lutea Hybrid.  Single flowers, about six inches in breadth with six or more waved petals of bright deep carmine, buff and pink, shaded salmon and coppery yellow, with purple markings at the base of the petals and orange-yellow stamens; sweetly scented.  This is a historic cultivar from the early days of lutea hybrid work in France.  Not commonly available.  Plants are slow growers here in Wisconsin and require good drainage.
5 Year Grafted Plants and Divisions $200.00
3 Year Grafted Plants $150.00
Manchurian Promise.  Bremer.  2016.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Large semi-double coral-salmon-peach blend with dark maroon flares.  Petals are highly ruffled, notched, crimped and those at the center face up.  Color is reminiscent of our Manchurian apricot tree in bloom.  Sheath is light pink as are the stigmas.  Stamens are maroon tipped with waxy yellow anthers.  Flower color can be variable from year to year presumably due to temperatures, but always attractive.  Flower substance is quite heavy and are supported by sturdy stems.  Carriage is outward.  Foliage is large and tinted in red during the early part of the growing season.  Blooms with other lutea hybrids.  Plant height is 4' and may be greater in areas that have higher winter temperatures.  Stem hardiness has been good thus far, with little winter damage.  Manchurian Promise is one of the most popular 'woodies' during spring viewing at Solaris Farms.  Seed fertility and pollen.   (Sedona x Rosalind Elsie Franklin).   
5 Year Grafted Plants and Divisions $80.00
3 Year Grafted Plants $55.00
Maria Teressa.  Daphnis.  1996.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Semi-double hybrid tree peony. Parentage unknown (BC2).  This dark pink double is a with dark flares has pollen and seeds. Light fragrance. It is reliable, with 1-2 buds per stem, good substance. It grows to 4 feet in Wisconsin, vigorous with good stem strength. Dark green foliage. It is very floriferous with an abundance of flowers. Holds the flowers high and lasts for about two weeks. The color of this flower reminds me (Daphnis) of the color of the tunic that Maria Teressa wore when she was dancing. (Dancer, adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan)
Divisions from Larger Plants $180.00
Moonlit Castle Ruins.  Seidl/Bremer.  2018.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Seidl #1 x D223).  Seedling number is Seidl #64.  Large waxy, heavy, semi-double to double cream flowers with small dark red flares.  Somewhat nodding flowers, but stunning!  Plants have a rather short stature and are clothed to ground in large deep green foliage.  Bill Seidl named this plant for its rather dreamy colored flowers.  Cream stigmas and sheath.  Light red filaments and yellow waxy anthers.  We have an isolated mutation that displays yellow-green variegated foliage.   Reluctant seed producer and no pollen.  A much admired flower by many visitors over the years.  Moonlit Castle Ruins is easily grown, but is not readily propagated through grafting and division.  The plants are rather low growers to 30", but may attain greater heights in climates with less extreme winters.  This plant has been lightly distributed under the seedling number (#64) and as 'Moonlit Castle Ruins'.  Only a couple available.  One plant per order.
3 Year Grafted Plants $70.00
Mother Teresa.  Seidl.  2007.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  A Bill Seidl introduction, white semi-double to full double flowers on a strong plant, rich red stems and darkly tinted leaves, beautiful.  Foliage is black-red in spring turning dark green is summer and then red again in fall.  Stems do not appear to live a long time, but are consistently replaced.  Strong upright grower.  Easily grafted and grown.  No fertility.  (Anna Marie x Shintenchi)
3 Year Grafted Plants $50.00
Murad of Hershey Bar.
  Gratwick.  1986.  American rockii-suffruticosa lineage hybrid. Dark reddish-purple single flower with irregular edges, blooms early, very attractive.  Has dark rockii type flares.  Light pink stigmas and sheath.  Stamens are maroon.  Finely cut foliage is intermediate between rockii and suffruticosa.  Fertile both ways.  (Choni x Dark of the Moon).  This is the first woody peony to bloom and it starts the season off with a big show.  Very cold resistant during spring months.   
3 Year Grafted Plants $70.00
Mystic Mood. 
Seidl.  1996.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Purple/lavender blend polychrome.  Flowers are produced on longish stems and are quite 'neon'.  Woody and good cold hardy stems.  Nice deep green foliage.  A striking flower.  Fertile both ways.  (#11 x Golden Era)  #11 is Daphnis 223 x Chinese Dragon

3 Year Grafted Plants $60.00
Nike.  (Goddess of Victory)  Daphnis.  1985.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Coral peach flower (some years it is tea colored) with two rows of well-formed round petals that have a golden glow. It has pronounced red flares.  Cream stigmas and red stamens.  Strong woody plants produce deep green broad foliage with fine notches along the edge.  Strong growers that move right along.  Bloom is average in amount, but adequate.  As flowers age they become tea colored and are quite stunning.  Plants are upright and produce upward to outward facing flowers.  Seed fertility which is challenging.  (BC2 x 'Guardian of the Monastery').
3 Year Grafted Plants $80.00
Pluto.  (God of the Underworld)  Daphnis.  1987.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Very large semi-double flowers of very dark clear red with nearly black flares.  Petals are very ruffled and fringed with many notches.   Flowers glow and have an outstanding form.  Plants are relatively short, but are good growers.  Many ground shoots produced on plants that lack a uniform growth pattern.  I would not be without this plant in my garden for flower beauty.  Challenging fertility, but doable.   (Corsair x ?)  Not commonly available and one of the best deep red flowered woody peonies.
5 Year Grafted Plants $60.00
Rimpoh.  (Phoenix of China). 1925.  Japan.  Japanese suffruticosa.  Semi-double, purple-red with great form.  The large flowers are well ruffled and carriage is upright.  Purple stigmas, maroon stamens and sheath.  Unfurling flowers look like rose buds.  Excellent medium matte green foliage.  Good winter stem hardiness and annually puts on a great show.  Fertile both ways.
3 Year Grafted Plants $75.00
Rock's Variety.  Rock.  Rockii lineage.  Often referred to as 'Joseph Rock'.  White single flowers of large size.  Sometimes flushed with pink when flowers open and then turning white with age.  Large dark maroon basal flares.  Maroon stamens, cream sheath and stigmas.  Strong growing plants become large over time (5' or more in Wisconsin).  Beautiful foliage with long leaves divided into many leaflets.  Very winter hardy. These are grafted plants and are guaranteed to be authentic (no surprises).  Often sold as Paeonia rockii, but it is actually a hybrid of unknown parentage.  Sold as Rock's Variety and Joseph Rock.  Fertile and a superior parent. 
3 Year Grafted Plants $75.00
Rosalind Elsie Franklin. 
Seidl.  1996.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.   Large round pink double to semi-double flowers with excellent form and carriage.  One of the premier pollen parents available for hybridizing.  Parent of many of the best new advanced generation lutea hybrids.  Plants are fairly low growing and mounded.  Stunning flowers are carried in an upward and outward facing display.  Easy to grow and propagate.  Plants may also produce seed sparingly. .  (Golden Era x Chinese Dragon) x Zephyrus. 
5 Year Grafted Plants $70.00
3 Year Grafted Plants $50.00
Ruffled Pink Petticoats.  Klehm.  1998.  American suffruticosa.  Very large ruffled pink semi-double.  Petals are huge and somewhat irregular with lots of crimping and creping.   Cream stigmas, red sheath and stamens.  A favorite with garden visitors.  Plants reach 4 feet and are vigorous growers.  Pollen fertility.  Seed very difficult.
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