Angels on High



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Angels On High. Bremer. 2002.  Dormant.    30″-4.5″.  4 branches. 25 buds.  M.  Diploid.  Elevated dancing flowers of dusty rose with a darker rose eyezone.  We really like this one, not a cutting edge type flower, but the carriage and number of flowers is something special.  Fast increasing plants produce willowy scapes that carry multitudes of dancing angels with lightly ruffled gowns.  Scapes start out arrow straight and gradually bend under the weight of the heavy and numerous flowers.  Plants require 2 years to show branching, bud count, and unique carriage.  Fertile both ways.  Produces seedlings with great bud counts, interesting eyezones and vigor, but they lack fancy ruffling.  AOH is an extremely fast increaser. Fertile.  {(Ruffled Masterpiece x Pink Gloss) x (Siloam Little Fairy x seedling).  Very fertile.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Habit-Dormant