Artificially Enhanced



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Artificially Enhanced.  Bremer. 2012. Dormant. Tetraploid. 30″- 5.5-6″. 3 branches. 22 buds.  M.   Scapes are very strong and buds are nicely spaced.  Flower color is a pastel peach with an oddly muted gray-lavender eyezone.  Substance is very waxy.  Nicely ruffled edges make the flower look ornate.  The throat is quite yellow with a small green center.  Foliage is wide, long and deep blue-green in color.  A very unique flower and an awesome plant.  (Dweebix x (Prairie Smiles x Wedding In The Snow).   Fertile.

Color: Eyes-Edges, Orange-Peach
SPECIALTY: Habit-Dormant