Paeonia tenuifolia rosea ‘Kinlen’



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Paeonia tenuifolia rosea ‘Kinlen’.  Kinlen/Bremer.  2020. Herbaceous species selection.  Grown from seed sold by Josef Halda.    The seed origin was either from Bulgaria or the Caucasus region, per Halda seed lot information.  Seeds were grown from two lots and one seedling produced this select P. tenuifolia rosea cultivar.  Very fine fern leaf foliage characteristic of the species. Very early blooming with light pink flowers.  The ‘rosea’ form is a rare plant in the United States and in very high demand. This select variety of P. tenuifolia rosea has larger flowers and better vigor than others we grow.  The single flowers are a soft medium pink and are accented by the fine light green misty foliage.  Not difficult to grow and takes up very little space in the garden.  Resents wet situations.  Plant where it is not crowded or has root competition from other plants.  Full sun planting is best.  Week 2-3 bloom time.  Plants often go dormant early (starting in August).  Easily fertile both ways.  We have produced good amounts of seed using it’s pollen when used with tenuifolia ‘flora plena rubra’.  Offspring are often red singles, few red doubles and pink singles are produced from first generation crosses. Very limited and rare.  Hybridizing note:  When self pollinated, approximately 95% of the offspring will bloom with single red flowers (typical P. tenuifolia) and the remaining will be pink (rosea form).  This would indicate that this plant does not have simple recessive traits for the color pink, but rather a more multiple allele configuration or other genetic inheritance pattern.  Ships late September to mid October.

Seeds were ordered by Lois Kinlen and Jean Halverson (sisters) of Wisconsin in 2001.  This species cultivar selection is named for Lois Kinlen, although Jean grew the seed.  This plant was obtained through Lois’ and Jean’s  generous donations to the Wisconsin Peony Society and Minnesota Peony Society auctions over the past 10 years.

Further information:

From Halda seed lots:

  1. tenuifolia JJH 0108850 KART [Caucasus (Kartli)]…Paeonia tenuifolia montane dry-rocky slopes; small clumps broader leaflets and smaller dark crimson flowers
  2. tenuifolia JJH010768 VID [Bulgaria(Vidin)] …lowland open bushy slopes; vigorous clumps with very dissected leaflets and huge bloody-red flowers
Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage, Rare, Rock Garden Type, TNT