Recent Solaris Herbaceous Hybrid Peony Collection

Bremer, Seidl

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This collection includes three divisions, one each of Solara, Dreamtime and Sky Dance.  All are recent introductions and outstanding garden performers.  Dreamtime, a pink semi-double is floriferous and a garden magnet.  Sky Dance, a full double has impeccable plant habit with sturdy stems which show their large flowers to perfection.  Solara, a single vibrant chromium yellow, is visible across the garden and has a long bloom season due to many side buds.  No mechanical support required on any of these cultivars.  All are of interest and useful for the hybridizer and gardener alike.   Ships late September to mid October.

Sky Dance.  Seidl/Bremer.  Unknown parentage.  Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid.  Large light pink double.   Sky Dance has very sturdy straight stems that carry the flowers to perfection.  No mechanical assistance needed.  34″ to 36″ height.  Pink stigmas when present and light pink and yellow filaments.  Fertile pollen and will produce seeds when stigmas and carpels are present.  Foliage is medium green and is carried on thick stiff stems.  This is a seedling that Bill Seidl produced more than 30 years ago and was grown in his garden for the entire time.  It has been used sparingly used in hybridizing, but should be used more due to its many positive attributes.  A number of other seedlings Bill produced had different numbers and had identical flowers/plant habit in his garden, Bill believed that these were all the same plant and he may have inadvertently assigned them with different numbers.  Bill thought a great deal of this plant and requested that it be propagated, registered and distributed.   Superior.

Solara.  Bremer.  2018.  Advanced generation herbaceous hybrid.  (Roy Phersons Best Yellow x Vanilla Schnapps).  Seedling #NB40.   Single yellow with large wide pleated (like crepe paper) petals.  Selected from a long cross for its exceptionally well colored flowers and good plant habits.  Images often show this as being a light yellow flower, it is truly a bright well defined yellow that can be seen across the garden. The far left image is a good representation of the coloration. Brilliant red stigmas sit atop light green carpels which are covered in white hairs.  An incomplete red disc is not easily visible.  Filaments are yellow for most of their length, but have red bases.  Anthers yellow with much pollen.  Up to 6 side buds extent the season for weeks.  Easily fertile both ways.  Awarded a certficate of merit, Solara advanced to the Court of Honor at the 2017 APS Convention and was the winner of the best seedling. The vigorous plants stand 38 inches high and make a rounded bush of equal or greater dimensions. Foliage is deep green and healthy throughout the growing season. Excellent display of flowers need no support.   A bee magnet, makes it a wonderful garden plant.  Named Solara, Spanish for the sun.

Dreamtime.  Seidl/Bremer.  2013.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Originated and named by William Seidl of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Registered, propagated and distributed by Nate Bremer of Solaris Farms, Reedsville, Wisconsin.  The seed-parent is from Blushing Princess x Salmon Dream.  Two doses of Salmon Dream are in the pedigree and is why the word “dream” is part of the cultivar name.    Seeds and pollen.  Easily fertile and sets a tremendous number of seed.   Tall, close to 4′, stalwart, pink,  semi-double. Dreamtime is a very fast and vigorous grower that needs no support.  An excellent garden subject as stems are strong and foliage remains in fine shape throughout the season.  Dreamtime’s seedling number was #79H5-6 and much seed was distributed under this designation.  Easily Fertile.  (Pink Vanguard x Salmon Dream).

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral, Yellow
FLOWER CHARACTERISTICS: Double, Semi-double, Single
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare, TNT