Viking Full Moon

Pehrson, Seidl


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Viking Full Moon.  Pehrson/Seidl.  1989.  Single flowers are are mostly cream blended with light hints of yellow and pink and light red flares. Long stems carry 1-3 side  buds.   Petals are lightly ruffled and notched.  Stamens are light red, stigmas and sheath are cream.  Stems bend to display flowers all around the plants, but do not lay on the ground. Foliage is dark green and very attractive.  An unusual I-hybrid that will not be confused with others. Some plants have shown lavender mutations (attractive, but not for sale at this time).  30″ plant height.  Week 5-6 bloom time.  No fertility noted.  Unknown parentage. Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Eyes and/or Edges, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Ornamental Foliage, TNT