Orange Marmalade


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Orange Marmalade. One of the old standard martagon lilies from famed lily breeder, Ed Robinson, who introduced it in 1972. Although it was originally introduced as Lilium ‘Tinson’, it was re-registered in 1994 as Lilium ‘Orange Marmalade’. Orange Marmalade lily was bred using all three “martagon” species: Lilium martagon, Lilium hansonii, and Lilium tsingtauense. For us, Lilium ‘Orange Marmalade’ makes a 4′ tall stalk (shorter until well established) adorned with up to 30 outfacing, slightly pendent, 2.5″ wide, lightly fragrant, bright orange flowers.  Available at Farm in Summer – or Ships as Dormant Bulbs October 15.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Flares-Spots