Appointment to Visit the Farm – 2021 completed, See you in 2022

Appointment Features: 

*Appointment fee is refundable with purchase at the farm.

May 25 – June 14.  Peony Bloom Viewing Through Appointment.  Late May to early June usually produces good bloom viewing of woody peonies and early herbaceous hybrids.  The last couple of days (June 7 and 14) usually produces good bloom for later flowering types like P. lactiflora cultivars.

June 16-June 26.  Open for Shopping Through Appointment.  Martagon lily bloom season is typically during this period of time in Northeast Wisconsin.

July.  Open for Shopping Through Appointment.  Appointments during this period are for visitors looking to purchase daylilies (we dig on the spot), other plants and Lilium.  Lilium bloom is dependent on climate conditions and type.  Asiatics are in generally in bloom in early to mid July and the Orienpets are in bloom mid July to late July.  Daylilies will be in bloom throughout July in most years.