Fantastic Duo Lutea Hybrid Combo

Bremer, Seidl

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This offering is for one each of Rosalind Elsie Franklin and Theresa Ann which will be strong 3 year grafted plants.  Ships late September to mid October.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin.  Seidl.  1996.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Large round pink double to semi-double flowers with excellent form and carriage.  One of the premier pollen parents available for hybridizing.  Parent of many of the best new advanced generation lutea hybrids.  Plants are fairly low growing (30 inches) and mounded (40 inch width).  Stunning flowers are carried in an upward and outward facing display with strong erect stems.  Easy to grow and propagate.  Excellent pollen fertility and parent of many of the newest lutea hybrid registrations.  Plants may also produce seed sparingly through controlled crossing.  (Golden Era x Chinese Dragon) x Zephyrus.

Theresa Anne.   Seidl/Bremer.  2013.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  (Age of Gold x Rosalind Elsie Franklin).  Originated and named by William Seidl of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Ornate flowers are amber/cream with pink to rose shadings.  Very double and ruffled flowers face outward, but not down.  Good carriage on generally short plants.  Pink stigmas are visible on some flowers.  Petals are highly ruffled.  Foliage is a light green and leaflets are wide and pointed.   Foliage is dense and provides and excellent backdrop for flowers.  It can set seeds occasionally in backcrosses to members of the suffruticosa  group.  Easily grafted and fast growing.  Plants are wider than tall and over time may reach four feet if given adequate protection from cold and wind.  In the open field Theresa Anne reaches a height of 3.5 feet and blooms heavily each year.  Has been hardy at Solaris Farms in open field growing situations and other gardens in Northeast Wisconsin.  Has produced seed with suffruticosa ‘Taiyo’ and lutea hybrids.  May be useful as a short landscape shrub due to good foliage and mounded plant form.  Besides the seed-parent, Age of Gold, this origination is derived on the pollen side from Golden Era, Chinese Dragon, and Zephyrus…… superior cultivars from  Dr. David Reath,  Prof. Arthur Saunders, and Mr. Nassos Daphnis, a “Who’s Who” in the breeding of  P. x lemoinei  hybrids.  At the 2016 APS flower show Theresa Ann won reserve champion, best lutea hybrid and was a notable addition to the show table.  Excellent and one of easiest woody peonies to grow well.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Blush, Lavender-Pink-Coral