Triple Threat Woody Peony Combo

Bremer, Rock, Seidl

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This collection is for one three year grafted plant of each of the following:  Fuchsia Ruffles, Rock’s Variety and Manchurian Promise.  All three cultivars are outstanding examples of the woody peony group and will be sure to please for many years in your garden.  Three of our best selling woody peonies!

Fuchsia Ruffles.  Seidl.  1996.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Lovely clear fuchsia many petaled semi-double to double flower.  Pink stigmas, red sheath and stamens.  Anthers are waxy and light yellow.  Impeccable form and carriage.  Plants tend to be rather slow growing, but is one of the most beautifully colored and formed of all the new American tree peony hybrids in our estimation. Not a tall plant here in Wisconsin, but stem hardiness is good.   FR does produce seed, but has no pollen.   Beautiful foliage. Rarely available and always in high demand.  (Anna Marie x Shintenchi).

Rock’s Variety or Joseph Rock.  Rock.  P. rockii influence hybrid. Chinese Gansu-mudan.  White single flowers of large size.  Sometimes flushed with pink when flowers open and then turning white quickly with age.  Large dark maroon basal flares.  Maroon stamens, cream sheath and stigmas.  Strong growing plants become large over time, 5 feet or more and 7 feet wide in Wisconsin.  Beautiful foliage with long leaves divided into many leaflets.  Very winter hardy. These are grafted plants and are guaranteed to be authentic (no surprises).  Often sold as Paeonia rockii, but it is actually a hybrid. Excellent.  Fertile and a superior parent.  Recommended for cold winter climates.   Heavily used in American hybridizing programs and a number of cultivars with the same name are grown in Europe.   Originally this plant was thought to be the species P. rockii, but genomic work has now revealed it as a hybrid with a P. suffruticosa cultivar in its heritage.  Hybrids from Rock’s Variety are extremely hardy and produce a multitude of outstanding offspring.  A historically interesting plant, as well as, a superior garden plant.

Manchurian Promise.  Bremer.  2016.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Large semi-double coral-salmon-peach blend with dark maroon flares.  Petals are highly ruffled, notched, crimped and those at the center face up.  Color is reminiscent of our Manchurian apricot tree in bloom.  Sheath is light pink as are the stigmas.  Stamens are maroon tipped with waxy yellow anthers.  Flower color can be variable from year to year presumably due to temperatures, but always attractive.  Flower substance is quite heavy and are supported by sturdy stems.  Carriage is outward.  Foliage is large and tinted in red during the early part of the growing season.  Blooms with other lutea hybrids.  Plant height is 4′ and may be greater in areas that have higher winter temperatures.  Stem hardiness has been good thus far, with little winter damage.  Manchurian Promise is one of the most popular ‘woodies’ during spring viewing at Solaris Farms.  Seed fertility and pollen.   Parentage:  (Sedona x Rosalind Elsie Franklin).

Color: Blends-Patterns, Flares-Spots, Orange-Peach, Purple-Violet, White-Cream