Murad of Hershey Bar



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Murad of Hershey Bar.  Gratwick.  1986.  Suffruticosa with P. rockii influence hybrid. Dark reddish-purple single flower with irregular edges, blooms early, very attractive.  Has dark rockii type flares.  Light pink stigmas and sheath.  Stamens are maroon.  Finely cut foliage is intermediate between rockii and suffruticosa.  Fertile both ways.  (Choni x Dark of the Moon).  This is the first woody peony to bloom and it starts the season off with a big show.  Very cold resistant during spring months and plants grow to a large size (see images).  Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare