Pisces.  Bremer. 2023.  Advanced Generation Lutea Hybrid.  Parentage: (Seidl #16 x Seidl #15).  Seedling #NB-SH112.   Flowers are single to semi-double in form and open medium pink – fading to light pink washed over cream.  Petals are notched at outer center edges.  Short light red flares, cream sheath, red filaments and greenish white stigmas.  Flowers are carried in a multitude over the red/purple tinged fern-like foliage.  Flowers nod just a bit and are carried all over the plants.  It is not unusual for plants to bloom over a longer period as a second flush of stems from basal shoots often occurs.  One main bud accompanies by 2 to 3 side buds. Plants attain a height of 30″ in Wisconsin due to their spreading low growing habit.  Some stem kill may be expected in Wisconsin due winter conditions. In less rigorous conditions we believe plants will become somewhat taller, but will continue to have a more spreading habit than most lutea hybrids.  This is a unique plant for foliage and superior production of flowers, plus it’s great for the front of the woody peony bed.  Named for the astrological zodiac sign “Pisces”.  The sign is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces’s attention between fantasy and reality.  Plants take on the characteristics of constant variation of floral display and appear to be in motion, in constant flux between fantasy and reality.  Fertile both ways given compatible parents.  Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage, Rare, Small-Short