About Solaris Farms

About Solaris Farms

Small is Beautiful

Solaris Farms is a small and distinctive specialty peony business. We offer one of the most diverse and interesting selections of woody (tree) and herbaceous peonies in the world today.

At Solaris, you’ll find new next-generation hybrids and hard-to-find historic cultivars. Because our peonies are never mass-produced and seldom resold from other sources, they are available in limited quantities.

Our Promise

  • True to name cultivars
  • Shipped as grafts and root divisions for fall planting season insuring optimum performance
  • Tested, inspected and field-proven for hardiness, bloom and disease-resistance
  • Grown with limited amounts of fertilizer, pesticides and soil amendments

Our Back Story

More than 30 years ago, Nate and Kim Bremer took a life detour, buying an old farmstead south of Green Bay. For many years, Solaris Farms was one of Wisconsin’s favorite stops for  field-dug daylilies.

In 2000 Nate met Bill Seidl, a hybridizing legend in the peony world. That chance encounter led to a life-long obsession. The farm has evolved to a peony mecca, with one of the world’s most extensive collections of woody peonies and seedlings. Today Nate is a sought-after speaker, educator, writer, mentor and advocate.

Hybridizers: A Growing Reputation

As a passionate plantsman, Nate has hybridized Orchids, Hemerocallis and Peonies.  Woody and herbaceous peony hybrids have been his focus for 30 years and his numerous introductions are sought after worldwide.  Search our catalog pages for our most recent introductions or visit the American Peony Society’s “Peony Registry” for all Bremer registrations.

Propagators: Cultivating Best-in-Class Peonies

Solaris offers grafted woody peonies and root divisions (when available) known for their health and quality. We’ve mastered specialized woody peony grafting techniques and plant materials (eliminating adventious roots) to produce hardy, best-in-class plants for our customers.  Of course Solaris offers a full line of distinctive and often rare herbaceous peonies which are sold as premium divisions.

PreservationistsContinuing the American Peony Heritage

Solaris Farms works to preserve endangered and historically significant peonies, especially  the woody peonies produced by A.P. Saunders, William Gratwick, Nassos Daphnis and William Seidl: the foundational material for worldwide hybridizing efforts.

Through collaborations and cooperative programs with other enthusiasts –  including public and private collections – we exchange, propagate and redistribute these rare cultivars into private and public collections. In return, we can offer many rare peonies (both woody and herbaceous) on a limited basis.


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