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Solaris Farms digs and sends freshly dug plants to any deliverable United States Postal Service address you submit.  Plants are sold online using a secure cart.   It is important to us that you receive an excellent product and will only send plants that are healthy and vigorous.   We will gladly work with you via email to put together an order that best suits your needs if you are not comfortable using our online shopping carts.   Ordering from a new grower, or by mail order can be worrisome at times, so please read the information below to answer some of your concerns.  We will make every effort to make your order to us the best and most trouble free possible. No overseas shipping is available and we will not supply phytosanitary certificates for destinations other than Canada.

Shipping Policy

♦ All peonies are shipped in late September to mid October. Coldest areas will receive peony orders during the earliest part of the shipping season. These shipping time frames will accomodate successful planting in the coldest zones.  See our “Estimated Shipping Time Frame” MAP or CHART to view when plants are shipped to your location.  Peonies are shipped bare root and packed in peat.  Domestic and Canadian orders only.  Note:  Any single order containing both peonies, lilies or other plants will be shipped after October 15 regardless of climate region.  We recommend creating separate orders for peonies, lilies and other plants if arrival date is important to you.

Shipping Map & Table

  Lilium are shipped after October 15. Shipped bare root and packed in peat.  Domestic orders only.

Cactus and plants (other than Lilium and Peonies) are shipped in mid July (no exceptions).  All plants are shipped bare root and are packed appropiately.  Domestic orders only.

♦ No early shipping dates will be entertained, unless requests are made for a later shipping fall season date than indicated upon the “Estimated Shipping Period” chart.  Early shipping is not possible due to short harvest windows in Wisconsin.

♦ Domestic shipments use USPS Priority Mail and customers will receive a shipping notification from USPS when plants are entered into their system. The notification will include tracking and other shipping information important to the delivery of your package(s).  Make sure to whitelist USPS and Solaris Farms in your email system, so your notifications do not end up being blocked or in your spam folders.  Solaris Farms does not send out shipping notifications through our business email system, thus it is important to be watchful of USPS notifications during shipping season.

♦ USPS is diligent and will record the delivery time and place to the address you supplied Solaris Farms.  Solaris Farms is not responsible for stolen, overlooked or misplaced packages after USPS records your package delivered.  Please be observant of delivery to ensure your package is taken care of after delivery.

♦ Please monitor your delivery location to insure the order is not stolen, damaged by environmental conditions, or misplaced.  Solaris Farms is not responsible for these issues.  Note: stolen boxes are becoming an increasingly common issue, thus it is recommended your delivery location be secure.

♦  If your address changes from the time you ordered and prior to shipping, please notify Solaris Farms through email.  Make sure Solaris Farms has sent you a confirmation email stating your new address has been updated in our system.

♦  SPECIAL NOTE.  OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS – ARRANGE FOR YOUR EXPORT THROUGH YOUR OWN U.S. BASED CARRIER PRIOR TO ORDERING.  Solaris Farms cannot/will not supply phytosanitary certificates to final destinations other than Canada.   Additionally, orders shipped to U.S. addresses which will later be shipped to overseas addresses, cannot/will not be issued phytosanitary certificates by Solaris Farms for legal reasons.  In such instances, arrangements for phytosanitary certificates will need to be procured by the ordering customer through their own carrier with an U.S. delivery address.  The restocking fees for order cancellations will be applied for anyone who has not made arrangements prior to ordering.  Solaris farms will not refund any order after September 2.


Solaris Farms guarantees a premium quality product which equals or surpasses most other growers’ product.  Plants are guarranteed to be true to name (correctly labeled and identified) and disease free.  All plants are closely inspected and prepared by our expert staff and USDA inspectors before shipping.  Solaris Farms does not guarantee the productivity or floral behaviors of any plant in any garden.

Upon reception, open the box(s), remove the plastic liner (if provided) with contents inside and cut it open to remove plants – never attempt to remove plants by pulling them from the plastic liner or damage may occur, which is not covered by this guarantee.  Within 24-48 hours of delivery, inspect plants and report, via email, any problems which may exist.  See “Terms” below for further information.

Once plants are unpacked it is important to get them planted immediately to insure the best possible outcome.  The milled PEAT, which is used as a packing material, should not be used as a planting material.   If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.  Please see our Culture and Care pages for specific information regarding the plants in your order.

Solaris Farms is a state of Wisconsin registered and inspected nursery.  All plants have been propagated, field trialed and inspected at Solaris Farms to insure a healthy product for planting in your northern tier garden. 

Domestic Order Terms

◊ Orders are accepted through our secure online shopping cart or via email, due to needed inventory control measures and security.  No phone orders or mail in orders are accepted.   Charges to Credit Cards or banks are immediately collected so that we may reserve the plants in your order.

◊ State plant health certificates are available upon request and are free of charge.

◊ No minimum order.

◊ Delivery is through the United States Postal Service.  Delivery duration from Solaris Farms to the order destination may be variable and sometimes delayed due to supply chain issues – generally this is not a concern due to the dormant state and durability of our plant products.  Because weather in Wisconsin and the Midwest can be extreme in fall, shipments may be held until safe delivery can be assured.

◊ Returned checks or any other form of an insufficiently funded order will incur a $50.00 fee.

◊ Order additions:  Additional items may be added to an existing order at any time and Solaris Farms may make adjustments/refunds to shipping charges if there is a significant difference.

◊ All prices and inventories are subject to change without prior notification. We will not substitute, unless given prior instructions to do so.  If for some reason we cannot supply a plant that you have ordered and paid for, we will supply a full refund and other involved costs of the item.

◊ Plants are sold and shipped as bare root divisions or grafted plants.  All plants are propagated at Solaris Farms.  No micro-propagated plants are sold by Solaris Farms.

◊  No reservations on plant material.

Refunds are only entertained with accompanying photographic documentation within 24-48 hours of order delivery.  We will provide a full refund of the purchase price or replacement of plants which do not arrive in a healthy state, given photographic documentation is supplied by the recipient. Solaris Farms will no longer take responsibility after this period for plants not in our care, due to: storage, environmental conditions, careless handling and planting variables.


♦ A 12% restocking, credit card processing, field inventory, selection and administrative fee will be applied to any cancelled order, cancelled plant(s) within an order, or item changes within an order, from the time an order was placed to August 1.

♦ A 35% restocking, credit card, field inventory, selection and administrative fee will be applied to any cancelled order, or cancelled plant(s) within an order, from August 2 to September 1.  Shipping is non-refundable at this time due to pre-purchase of services and shipping materials.  This is due to the implementation of harvest procedures which begin August 1.

♦ Peony orders are non-refundable after September 2, due to our inability to resell and recoup costs involved with harvested plants or any other fees.

◊  Returns are not accepted for any reason, other than plant health issues at the time of delivery and reported within 24-48 hours with photographic documentation.

Canadian Order Terms Overview

◊ Please contact Nate Bremer at [email protected] to make arrangements for international orders.  Orders may not be placed through our website, but may be used to view products available.

◊ Solaris Farms exports peonies only.

◊ International orders are possible to Canada only.

Peonies are shipped in late September to mid October.

◊ No minimum order, but larger orders are recommended to make shipping and documentation requirements more economical.

◊ Payment in full is required before plants are reserved (no reservations without payment).

◊ International orders require, at minimum the following:

    1. A $200 flat fee is applied to all orders which includes, phytosanitary certificate, international invoicing, shipping arrangements, office/administration time, extra plant preparation and required packing.  Solaris Farms will provide the above services for the afore mentioned flat fee.
    2. A $200 security deposit is required for new accounts.  This deposit will be applied to shipping/brokerage, which will be charged at the time of export.  Any additional remaining funds after shipping will be refunded.
    3. All shipping costs are paid for by the customer at cost, when plants are ready for export. Packed plants are held at Solaris Farms until payment is received.
    4. Import information required from the customer:  Delivery address, import permit number (if held), broker and contact information (helpful), packing requirement information.
    5. Wire transfer of payment in U.S. currency to our bank (plus $35 to $50 wire fee), certified bank check, or credit card/Paypal payment (plus 4% of order total) are accepted, before plants are reserved.

◊ Canadian orders will be shipped with the services of Journey Freight, who will contract with DHL (smaller orders) or a frieght company (larger orders).  Additional charges will be applied for customs/plant inspection arranged by DHL.  Frieght shipments require the importer to arrange for brokerage.

◊ All liability of safe delivery is the responsibility of the customer due to variation in destination country import regulations, inspections and other variables beyond Solaris Farms’ control.

◊ The last date to order peonies for Canadian delivery is July 1.

◊ Order cancellations and changes:  Orders cancelled or altered after 30 days are subject to a 35% restocking, field inventory, selection and administrative fee.  No refunds or changes to orders after August 1.

◊ All prices and inventories are subject to change without prior notification. We will absolutely not substitute, unless you give us prior instructions to do so.  If for some reason we cannot supply a plant that you have ordered and paid for, we will supply a full refund and other involved costs of the item.

◊ Plants are sold and shipped as bare root divisions or grafted plants.  All plants are propagated at Solaris Farms.  No micro-propagated plants are sold by Solaris Farms.