Additional Resources

Additional Resources

More to learn about our favorite plants

Through electronic media, never before have gardeners had so much information available.  Unfortunately, many of our most visited sources are riddled with deceptive, inaccurate or false information concerning plants.  Societies and expert groups remain the ‘go to’ organizations for trusted information about our favorite plants and we recommend them to answer questions social media or mass marketing websites avoid or cannot.   The following websites/organizations are known for their excellence and can provide a myriad of knowledge.  Enjoy!

American Peony Society… The APS is the governing organization for Paeonia.  Much information is available through the website and is a good place to start learning about modern Peonies.  Excellent articles encompassing all aspects of this beautiful genus are available for public viewing.  The site includes a database of Registered Peony Cultivars, including many images and excellent information.

American Daylily Society… The American Daylily Society is the governing organization that oversees the genus Hemerocallis.  A fine website with a great deal of information and images.  This site includes a database of all registered daylilies.

Bay Area Daylily Buds… This chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Gardeners in Northeast Wisconsin (or other areas) may want to consider joining this wonderful group and partake in their many activity offerings.

Online Guide to Cactus…An excellent no-nonse source for information about nearly any cactus.  Great images and information

Carsten Burkhardt’s Paeonia Project… The ‘JEWEL’ of all Peony websites, this online resource has a huge database with many pictures and information.  This site is a must for Paeonia aficionados!  The site does not contain the most current Paeonia introductions, but the vast majority of plants grown prior to 2006 can be found.  Some care must be taken when viewing information and images as there are some inaccuracies.

Charlotte’s Daylily Dairy…A website that is made up of a variety of pages providing links to daylily related topics.  Hybridizers, auctions, businesses and forums are all at your finger tips with this comprehensive listing website.

Clematis on the Web…There are few ‘very good’ resources for Clematis information and this one stand above the others in our opinion.  The website provides a wide range of information about the genus, but we like the comprehensive listing of cultivars with images and details the most.  An excellent resource to broaden your knowledge of this wonderful vining plant.

Daylily Society of Southeast Wisconsin…A very active chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Many great educational offerings, as well as plant sales are conducted by the group.
Join them, if they are nearby-you’ll surely enjoy!

Heartland Peony Society…Located in the Kansas City area, this society has been a staple of peony lovers for many years.  The group runs yearly auctions and educational programs.  An excellent group with numerous welcoming expert level members.

Minnesota Peony Society…Out of Minneapolis/St. Paul this group is made up of enthusiastic members from one of the most northern growing areas in the United States.  The society typically has a winter educational program, a spring tour, a flower show during bloom season and a fall educational program/auction.

North American Lily Society…Obviously this group has a wonderful and educational website, but also are an organization that promotes the genus through educational events.  Lilies are becoming popular and their is much to know, these folks can certainly help in this regard.

Wisconsin Daylily Society…Wisconsin’s largest chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society is based in the Madison area.  Like the other Wisconsin AHS societies, this group puts on many great programs and a very large daylily sale.

Wisconsin Peony Society…The Wisconsin Peony Society meets in the Madison Area three to four time per year.  Spring brings an education program for members and the public and tour of peony gardens.  In the fall the membership meets for an annual auction and potluck.  The group is welcoming and is willing to provide needed assistance in growing peonies.