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Growing Guides and Articles.  Solaris Farms has authored a number of growing guides and articles.  These guides and articles are focused on the plants we grow in our Wisconsin climate and may be of value to northern tier gardeners.  All Guides and Articles are for personal use and reproduction is prohibited without permission of the author-Nate Bremer.

Peony Books.  We no longer carry literature for sale concerning peonies, but recommend the following.  A good selection of books can be ordered through the American Peony Society at very reasonable prices.  To purchase these books go to The American Peony Society-Publications.  There are number of other outstanding books through the APS, which are not have listed here.  These are listed for sale at the above URL.  A good selection of peony related literature can also be purchased using   There are many peony publications and books and not all contain accurate information, thus the consumer should beware.

The Peonies.  John Wister.  This is an older book (not outdated) with black and white pictures and may lack appeal for those desiring color images.   However, it is the most comprehensive and accurate book for people interested in growing techniques, propagation and historical information.  The original publication was produced under the auspices of the American Horticultural Society and reprinted by American Peony Society.  The author and editor, John C. Wister, was considered the dean of American ornamentals horticulturists and was a long time horticulturist for Swarthmore College’s Scott Arboretum.  Wister was instrumental in formation of the American Daffodil Society and American Iris Society.  The book is a treasury of peony information and worthy of being on the shelves of all peony enthusiasts.  This book may be difficult to locate as the original and reprinted hardcover.  However, the American Peony Society offers it as a .pdf download at a low price.  We consider this the best peony book available for cultural and propagation practices.  Downloads are availble at:
Peonies.  Allan Rogers.  A more recent publication has many color images and wide scope of information concerning the genus.  It is a good resource for the general gardener and prospective buyer.  Like all publications, it is dated and many new peony cultivars are emerging on the market.  Thus visiting the American Peony Society website for more up-to-date information is recommended when shopping.  This book can be purchased through your local book store or
Peony. The Best Varieties for Your Garden.  Carol Adelman & David Michener.  A new book that is loaded with great images of some of the best peonies for gardeners.  Excellent descriptions and covers a wide range of peony cultivars.  Carol and her family are owners of a large peony farm and has acquired a wealth of experience with outstanding peonies.  David works at the University of Michigan and is responsible for many peony related scientific projects.  Both Carol and David have worked closely with the American Peony Society as Directors and Program Chairs.  Excellent book.  Available on Amazon.
Peonies of the World.   HONG de Yaun.  A three part book series of the most detailed work performed on the genus Paeonia.  These publications are of most interest to taxonomists, hybridizers, collectors and species enthusiasts.  Useful for anyone deeply involved in species peonies desiring recent information about taxonomic work in the genus.  Books do not contain information on our commonly grown hyrids or culture, but provide foundational information of great use to hybridizers.  Much recommended.  Since these publications are of specialty origin, they may not all be available through one source.
Part I: Taxonomy and Phytogeography
Part II: Polymorphism and Diversity
Part III: Phylogeny and Evolution


Lily (Lilium) Books.  We no longer carry literature for sale concerning lilies, but recommend the following.  The North American Lily Society-Other Publications is the best source of accurate and appealing lily publications.  We recommend two books, but there are others that are more focused on lily related topics.

Let’s Grow Lilies. Virginia Howie. A 48 page illustrated handbook of lily culture, covering virtually everything you need to know about growing lilies. A great book for the beginner and the more experienced grower alike. Updated 2011 edition, with new full color cover.

Please note that a copy of this book is included with a new NALS Membership.
Use the following link to purchase this book:  Let’s Grow Lilies.

Martagon Lilies.  Eugene Fox.  This superb 182 page book is the result of decades of growing, hybridizing and researching martagon lilies, and is the most complete reference on martagons available. It provides in-depth coverage of martagon species and hybrids, growing, hybridizing, diseases and pests, and showing. It has numerous maps and line drawings, in addition to the excellent color photos. It is a must book for all lily growers.  Use the following link to purchase this book:  Martagon Lilies.