See-Fine Garden Markers 12-20″ Markers


Sold Out

See-Fine Garden Marker.  This is the marker of our choice and is used in all of our gardens and fields now.  This offer is for one dozen (12) 20″ Markers.   They are sturdy, present information at the correct angle and will last many years in an outdoor environment (unlike many markers that bend, rust or decay).  We recommend Brother P-Touch® Labeling Systems, with a “TZ” tape for the above markers.  Labeling machines range in price from $29.99 (hand held) to $100.00 (computer compatible).  The machines and tapes may be purchased locally at office supply stores or on the internet.  “TZ” tapes are UV, heat and water resistant and should last years in the garden.  Markers may also be written on with grease pencils or engraved.  We’ve tested these markers and labels in our gardens and fields and longevity is of no issue.  Try some,  you will be completely satisfied!