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Fadeaway.  Gilbertson.  Not registered.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Previously sold as ‘Old Farmstead’ by Solaris Farms and distributed by others as an various cultivars incorrectly.  Fadeaway is a fern leaf hybrid that was found growing on an old farm here in Northeast Wisconsin.  The flowers open a deep red-pink and then fade to a lighter pink with age.  Green carpels, pink stigmas and stamens. Foliage is very finely cut and ornamental. Fade Away is a vigorous grower that performs very well on our clay soils.  Bloom is early and abundant.  Somewhat adventitious roots.  Foliage is finely cut and quite ‘fern-like’, but more course than the species P. tenuifolia.  Plant height is 15″ to 18″.  Sometimes pollen can be gathered and we have successfully crossed it with Little Corporal, but resulting seedlings have all been sterile–also quite beautiful.  Week 3 bloom time.  Unknown parent with P. tenuifolia. Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Ornamental Foliage, Rare, Rock Garden Type, TNT