Folk Art



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Folk Art.  Hollingsworth. 2012. Herbaceous hybrid.  Reportedly from Saunders’ F2 quad hybrids fertilized with Silver Dawn F3 pollen.  Originally selected by from seedlings in Chris Laning’s field.  Cream colored flowers with pink-raspberry muted flares.  The overall petal color at opening is blush, quickly passing to off-white, punctuated by the ring of large flares, invoking the geometric star pattern of traditional Pennsylvania Dutch barn decoration, and from that, suggesting the name. Pale green carpels are very hairy, numbering 3-4, topped by deep red stigmas.  Easily fertile with compatible partners.  A vigorous growing plant that has deep green foliage.  Hollingsworth seedling #2255.  Ships in late September to mid October.


Color: Blends-Patterns
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare, TNT