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Haumea. Bremer.  2022. Herbaceous Hybrid. Seedling number:  HH4-17.  Parentage:  (Greenland x (Dreamtime x Vanilla Schnapps)).  This cultivar’s medium sized flowers open very light blush and then quickly fades to pure white as it matures.  The flower is long lasting and creates a great display for many days compared to other cultivars.  Flowers become more rounded (spherical) in appearance as they open.   Guard petals are wide, rounded, ruffled and notched.  Numerous smaller narrower inner petals cover reproductive structures and are creased, ruffled and notched.  Flowers are consistent in their opening progression and are uniform throughout the plant.  No disk present.  Carpels are green and are covered in small white hairs.  Stigmas are bright pink and number 0 to 5.  Cream filaments are found throughout interior petals and pink at their bases.  Some carpels may be wrapped in petals and are not visible.   Foliage is medium green, unlobed and is typical of a hybrid.  Lightly foliated stems reach 34″ and require no support. Foliage begins about 8 inches from the ground.  Long stems carry one bud, sometimes with a side bud.  Nice waxy leaves remain green through growing season.  Fertile seed and pollen.  Ships late September to mid October.

Pronounced haa • may • uh, Haumea is the Hawaiian goddess of childbirth and is a dwarf planet located beyond Neptune’s orbit.  The planet is white in appearance when viewed through a telescope, thus fitting this cultivar.


Color: Blush, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Cut flower, Fertile, Landscape Use, Rare, TNT