New Intro. 2022 NB-H42



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….. Bremer.  2022.  Herbaceous Hybrid.  (Dreamtime x (Old Faithful x Vanilla Schnapps)).  Very large semi-double flowers of soft cream have 8 to 9 rows of petals.  Each concave petal is finely notched and is uniformly displayed.  Flowers are circular and have a low profile when open (almost like dinner plates).  Three stigmas are light cream-pink and carpels are greenish-cream with small cream hairs.  Cream toothed disk.  Filaments are light yellow throughout.  The filament mass is headed with curling and twisting anthers which are very uniformly compacted and displayed at the center of the flower.  Plants display deep green wide foliage typical of hybrids which clothes stems nearly to the ground.   One flower per stem.  Flower carriage  is somewhat relaxed and spread over the plant as if floating.   No mechanical support is necessary.  One of the most beautiful plants in our garden when grown to clump size.  Seed with effort.  No pollen fertility to date.  Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare, TNT