Fancy Free (Auten 1816)



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Fancy Free.  (Auten 1816).  Auten. Herbaceous hybrid.  This plant was received by Solaris Farms as ‘Auten 1816’ and has now been identified as ‘Fancy Free’.  This cultivar has not seen wide distribution within the United States and is not represented well in our gardens, but has been grown extensively in Russia (popular their). Flower form: Japanese.  The large rounded petals are a clear brilliant red.  At the center of the flower are a grouping of red petalodes of various lengths and shapes, mixed with gold edged stamenodes.   As flower structures mature, they become larger and obscure most of stamenodes, producing the appearance of an overall red double bloom.  Foliage is medium green and leaflets are of typical P. officinalis plena hybrid appearance. Plants stand about 28″ in height and stems lean, but do not lay on the ground.   A most unusual and attractive cultivar that is seldom available in the trade.  Mid season bloom period.  No fertility noted. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Red