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Calliope.  Bremer. 2020.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Seedling #HH1-16.  Parentage: (Carnation Bouquet x unknown) Single light pink flowers are carried on strong erect stems.  Flowers have elegant faded edges of soft cream-pink.  Established plants will produce up to 3 side buds to extend the bloom season.  Stigmas are a bright pink-red and are a great contrast to the circular mass of yellow anthers and pink petals.  Cream colored filaments and light cream-pink incomplete disk.  When viewing the plants from the side blooms have shading which catches the light in different ways, creating a spectacular display.  Excellent deep green rounded hybrid foliage is carried on stems that reach 36 inches in height.  Plants are vigorous growers and disease resistant.  There are many single flowered cultivars available, but this one is unique for plant quality and display.  Extremely fertile and much used in our hybridizing program for good plant habits.  Calliope is named for the Greek Muse by the same name, which translates to “beautiful voice”.  One of the finest plants in a clump and extremely photogenic. One of the very finest recently introduced cultivarsPremium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare, TNT