Cherry Bomb



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Cherry Bomb.  Bremer. 2020.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Seedling #NB-H48.   Parentage:  Old Faithful x Seidl #74H120-2?.   Pollen parent is questionable, even though our records indicate this.  My thoughts might be that it may be Old Soldier rather than Seidl #74H120-2?.  The medium sized double flowers are made up large rounded guard petals and more ruffled lightly notched interior petals.  Medium-deep red flowers are carried on sturdy stems that require no support.  One side bud is usually present to extend bloom season.  Occasionally petals will have a white splash or fleck present.  Red stigmas and filaments.  Barely perceptible white disc.  Easily fertile both ways.  Excellent medium green foliage.  Leaflets are slightly rounded and are fairly typical of a hybrid.  A beautiful and consistent double that makes a good cut flower.  Light fragrance.   32″ height, requiring no support.  Cherry Bomb produces very consistent flowers in form and color, which is a vast improvement on Old Faithful (often variable in flower form and opening properties).   We believe this to be a superior cultivar and should be widely grown and used in hybridizing programs.   One of the very finest recently introduced cultivars.  Limited numbers available and in high demand.  Ships in late September to mid October.


Note:  An inferior lactiflora, by the same name, which is unregistered, may be found occasionally in commerce – there is no comparison between the registered Cherry Bomb and the unregistered cultivar.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Cut flower, Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare, TNT