Dawn Glow



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Dawn Glow.  Saunders/Hollingsworth.  1986.  Herbaceous Hybrid.  Called Silver Dawn F3 (along with others). Parentage Third generation Silver Dawn on pod parent line. First bloomed, unknown. Very early single hybrid, medium height. Ivory yellow with lavender filaments and small flares. Proven parent of wanted quality, early pastel and patterned flowers. Large flowers and leaflets. Descendant of Saunders hybrid Silver Dawn, distributed first by Silvia Saunders on breeder list along with others designated Silver Dawn F3; this clone otherwise known as Pehrson’s Silver Dawn F3 and a name is registered now to eliminate duplicate identities. Moderate increase, pollen, seeds easily. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare