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Heather.  Hollingsworth. 2018. Seedling 2866. Parentage record lost, the doubleness, however, believed to be the legacy of ‘Sunny Boy’. First bloomed (and propagated) 1999. Early opening flowers FULL DOUBLE on mature plants (flower-in-flower form), typically one flower per stem, fragrant, 5-6 inches in size (12-15 cm). Petal color is in shades of apricot, darker at opening and in the depths of the flower, the color paling where exposed to sunlight. Guard petals are rounded and cupped surrounding inner petals which encircle a narrow collar of stamens, which in turn surrounds the outer petals of the inner flower, leading to wanted fullness in the mature flower. Stigmas are red and of normal form. Carpels green and hairy, average three in quantity, generally abortive on mature plants, may be found of normal form in lesser flowers. A good grower, average height 26-30 inches (66-76 cm). Strong stems are slightly spreading, green leaflets hold up better than the average of herbaceous hybrids in later summer, showing moderate resistance to leaf spot fungi and has been found quite resistant to mildew. Pollen fertility is confirmed. May have seed fertility when normal carpels are found, but this not yet confirmed. The name honors grand-daughter Heather Tretheway Hutchison. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Yellow