Hot Gates



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Hot Gates. Bremer.  2022.  Herbaceous Hybrid.  (Little Corporal x Lemon Chiffon).  Seedling #NB-H62.  Very large red semi-double red flowers are carried on upright stems.  Flowers face upward and are somewhat cupped during their first days open providing a view of their cream feathered petal backs. 3  to 4 rows of lightly notched petals which are ruffled.  The light greenish-yellow filaments carry fertile pollen baring anthers which surround the carpels uniformly and are visible.  A large toothy pink disk is visible.  Stigmas are red and carpels are green with white hairs.  This cultivar is does not fade like many other reds and has exemplary plant habits.  Foliage is nearly to the ground and is deep green.  Medium broad leaves are unlobed. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Named for its hot color and stream-like petal back patterns.  The Hot Gates is in reference to a place of hot springs in Greek Mythology and is the cavernous entrance to Hades.  Today the hot gates are a place in Greece known as Thermopylae.

Color: Flares and/ or Spots, Red