Just Peachy



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Just Peachy.  Seidl/Bremer.  2017.  Herbaceous Hybrid.  Cream with peach flush toward the center of the flowers.  Single to semi-double.  Dark pink to red stigmas.  Light yellow filaments.  Guard petals and outer petals are wide and lightly ruffled.  Inner petals, when present, are smaller and curved.  Some petals are notched, more commonly in the inner petals.  Wide and rounded segments surround a ring of yellow stamens and 2 to 4 red stigmas.  Flower form is more double as plants age.  Medium height plant (32″) with good stem strength and deep green, wide leaves.  Produce large round seeds. Fertile both ways.  (Pink Vangard x Salmon Dream). Bill Seidl garden named this plant ‘Just Peachy’ eight years ago, after it had been growing in his garden for some 30 years.  His interest in hybridizing herbaceous peonies took a break for an extended period. Just Peachy, along with numerous others were allowed to grow into very large clumps.  He realized that a renewed interest in peonies was building and discovered he had many hidden gems.  Around 2000 the internet became more accessible and Bill began to frequent forums and correspond with other enthusiasts.  He enjoyed the communications and this helped him to realize the treasures in his garden.   Just Peachy is a good example of Bill’s renewed interest due to his ability to correspond with others through electronic media.  He truly enjoyed the many new friends that he made through the many emails and forums that the internet afforded.  Just Peachy was a plant that Bill believed had a large upside to hybridizing and would be a great garden plant for the peony enthusiast. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare