Kayleigh Ann



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Kayleigh Ann.  Stanek.  2017.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Seedling #FKyPK. Parentage: Old Faithful x Faithful Dream. Semi-double when young (sometimes even single) and becomes double with establishment. Complex color of opaque peach pink. Petals are edged creamy-yellow on opening, transforming to soft butter-yellow, shell pink, to peach shades. Color remains bright as flower matures. Flowers are extra large, to 8 inches (20 cm), one per stem. Mid-season bloom.  Very satisfying plant habit, vigorous and fast growing. Medium to tall bush (40 inches, 100 cm) with strong upright stems slightly spreading. Holds well even under inclement weather.  Foliage mid green, remains attractive throughout growing season turning golden yellow in autumn.  Fertile both ways. Certificate of Merit awarded under seedling number FKyPK at APS convention, 2012, Omaha. Named for originator’s daughter.  An extremely vigorous and disease resistant plant.  Tim Stanek received the American Peony Society’s A.P. Saunders Memorial Medal in 2021 for outstanding work in the area of hybridizing-well deserved and this plant is example of Tim’s fine work.  Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Blends-Patterns
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare, TNT