Marie Victorin



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Marie Victorin.  Menard/D’Aoust.  2009.  Herbaceous Hybrid.  Seedling # MM2000-1. Parentage unknown, but it is an advanced generation hybrid. Single form flowers of pale pink with purple-pink flares.  Flowers have great symmetry and are cupped. Average of two carpels with mid pink stigmas. Stamens are touched red at the base of the filaments. Anthers are slightly twisted but pollen is viable and it will produce seeds. Pale pink well developed disc. Dense upright mid green foliage, broad pointed leaflets, stems to 36 inches. Named in honor of Frère Marie-Victorin (1885-1944), noted Québec botanist and founder of the Jardin botanique de Montréal. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Flares and/ or Spots, Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare