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Necromancer.  Bremer. 2016.  Lactiflora cultivar.  Seedling number #NB-H17.  Very light fragrance.  Double magenta flowers with notched petals and small wavy edges.  Central petals are often streaked and tipped in white.  Red stigmas and yellow filaments.  Up to 2 side buds for extended bloom.  Foliage and stems are black-red for an extended time after emergence.  As buds begin to grow foliage turns from black-red to deep green;  stems and petioles retain their dark coloring throughout the summer.  The sturdy 31″ stems require no assisting support.  This cultivar would make a great contrast with foliage of lime green coloration.  A beautiful plant both in and out of bloom.   Vigorous grower and easily divided.  Fertile both ways.  Parentage: (Magenta gem x unknown).  One of the heaviest blooming peonies we have observed!  One of the very finest recently introduced cultivars.  Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Cut flower