Red Windflower



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Red Windflower.  Seidl.  1981.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Red Windflower is a short plant with red single flowers.  Flowers face upward and are carried thick stems that lean away from the center of the plant.  The ‘Windflower’ portion of the name may not be appropriate as the plants are not tall and airy, but the foliage is deeply lobed finely cut.  An interesting plant for the gardener and hybridizer alike. Vigorous growers to about 22 inches.  Highly fertile and has produced some fine seedlings.  Makes odd shaped divisions, generally one root with a crown.  Seedling #76LSW-3.  Parentage:  Laddie x Sparkling Windflower. Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Adventitious roots, Fertile, Rare