Soul Mate



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Soul Mate.  Bremer. 2023.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Seedling #NB-H115.  Parentage: (‘Nosegay’ x P. villosa ‘Sol’) Single white flowers are heavily overlaid with pink, making flowers appear to be bright light pink.   Each petal has a light white base and midrib color.  One bud per stem which are carried on stiff stems over finely cut foliage.  Stigmas are a bright red and are a great contrast to the circular mass of yellow anthers and pink petals.  Cream filaments arise from a large toothy disk, which is rose in color.  Carpels are light green and are heavily covered in white hairs, which accent the petal color and stigmas.  Flowers are carried on strong erect stems which require no support.  Excellent deep green, narrowly dissected foliage is carried on stems that reach 22 inches in height.  Plants are vigorous growers and more disease resistant than many rock garden types.   Extremely fertile both ways.  Roots are highly adventitious and are great way to increase plant numbers.  Fast growing plants create wonderful mound shaped plants.  Named for the warm and trusted feelings of a soul mate.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Adventitious roots, Fertile, Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare, Rock Garden Type, TNT