Tranquil Dove



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Tranquil Dove.  Saunders/Rogers.  1995.  Herbaceous hybrid.  Tranquil Dove is one of the more unique peonies we grow and is irreplaceable in our eyes.  The small plants typically grow to about 28 inches, have very sturdy stems and  commence flowering in the early part of bloom season.  Plants have wide deep green glossy foliage.  The flowers are an exquisite soft cream overlaid in pink, exhibiting a wonderful pink picotee pattern at petal edge.  Red filaments, yellow stamens and red stigmas create a gorgeous affect.  Flowers are dainty at about 4 inches in diameter, face upward and are produced in multitude.  Foliage is extremely unique and will never be confused with any other peony – glossy, wide centrally and pointy on the ends.  The affect is very tidy plant.  An extra bonus comes at dividing time; the interior of the roots are a deep lavender color! Fertile both ways.  Appears to be most compatible with tetraploids and has produced very interesting seedlings.  (Halcyon x self).  Very hardy and of easy culture. One of the very best peonies in all regardsPremium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Lavender-Pink-Coral, White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Rare