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Valkyrie. Seidl/Bremer.  2021.  Herbaceous hybrid. Parentage: (Blushing Princess x Pherson’s Sable x Eclipse hybrid).  Seedling #74H120-2. Garden named ‘Valkyrie’ and previously distributed under this name and the seedling number.  Dark red highly variable loose double to semi-double.  Flowers are darkest during cool bloom seasons. The large flowers have shiny petals and glowing rich deep color.  Guard petals are generally rounded and flat, but may be notched at center. Narrower interior petals are variable in width, may exhibit white edging in some years and are wavy. Matching red stigmas and filaments. Obscure greenish white incomplete disc. Fertile both ways.  Choice flowers, but plant habit requires mechanical support due to long stems between leaves and flowers.  Foliage is deep green and medium wide. As a parent Valkyrie produces a wide range of colors and forms.  Recommended for hybridizers for color, doubleness and form.   Seedlings may express similar colors and plant habits, but improved forms. Fertile both ways. Named for the deep blood red coloration related to the Norse mythological figure who determined who would live or die in battle. Registered due to wide distribution and unique floral qualities.  Divisions are often single roots with a crown of dormant buds (not a normal plant to divide).  Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: Red
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ploidy-Tetraploid, Rare