Vanilla Schnapps

Bremer, Seidl


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Vanilla Schnapps.  Seidl/Bremer. 2013. Originated and named by William Seidl of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Registered, propagated and distributed by Nate Bremer of Solaris Farms, Reedsville, Wisconsin. Previously garden named ‘Bill’s Best Yellow’.  Light yellow double.    Flowers are round and double on established plants, semi-double on new plantings.  Rounded petals have an irregular toothed edge.  Stigmas are red and are not visible on double flowers, but are on semi-double blooms. Per Bill Seidl:  The seed-parent was a yellow single, yellow being the object of the cross.  The pollen parent was a pink double.  The seed for BBY root-germinated indoors in late ’79, grew outside during 1980 and ’81, and FB was in ’82, the start of its 3rd year of growth.  Had a sibling that was also very good, but stamens turned brown or black before opening (Vanilla Schnapps does not have this habit).  Foliage is wide and deep green.  Each stem produces 1 strong primary bud, but may have up to 3 more secondary buds, making a long bloom season.  Stems are tall and strong.  No staking is needed.  Growth rate is fast.  Easily fertile both ways. Many promising seedlings are being grown on for evaluation from this plant.  (71Y6-1 x 74H119-5). Premium divisions ship late September to mid October.

Color: White-Cream
SPECIALTY: Cut flower, TNT