Sonoma YeDo



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Sonoma YeDo.  Tolomeo.  2010.  No seedling number, but propagated under the garden name ‘Yellow Double’ from which the cultivar name is derived, and with limited distribution as ‘YeDo’.  (lactiflora seedling x Reath’s A-198).  DOUBLE. Flowers are 6 or more inches in size, yellow, with the edges of the outer petals fading to an ivory picotee. Petals are slightly frilled and have pink flares which are normally obscured due to the fullness of the flower. Four to 6 carpels, light green. A few stamens, but no pollen. Sheath yellow, partial. Has typical Itoh foliage. Height at maturity average of 28 inches. Spreading plant but does not need mechanical support. No fragrance. ‘Sonoma YeDo’ is similar to ‘Sonoma Halo’, but more double. They share the same pollen parent but have different home grown unnamed Lactiflora seedlings as pod parents.  Limited number available and always in high demand. Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Yellow