Siren’s Song (Pending Registration)

Bremer, Kabat, Seidl



Siren’s Song (Pending Registration). Seidl/Bremer/Kabat. Future Registration. Advanced generation lutea hybrid. Parentage: (Daphnis #223 x Seidl #15). Seedling Seidl #118. Lightly distributed in the past under seedling number Seidl #118. Semi-double tawny rose-cream blend. Interior petals are wavy, twist and turn. All Petals are variably notched. Small maroon flares. Cream stigmas, dull red sheath and stamens. Excellent deep green wide foliage with typical lutea hybrid dissection. Flower carriage is upward and outward. Stems are hardier than most other lutea hybrids. Plants reach 4 feet in height in Wisconsin and perhaps taller in less rigorous climate conditions. Reliable growth rates and blooming habits. Fertile both ways with compatible partners. Named for the subtle colors which are like an ever changing song – obscure, captivating and attractive. Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Blends-Patterns, Lavender-Pink-Coral, Red
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage, Rare