Wave Spectrum (Pending Registration)




Wave Spectrum. Seidl/Bremer. 2021. P. rockii influence hybrid. Seedling #MRV-4. Parentage: (Rock’s Variety x Shintenchi). ‘Purple Wave’, ‘Purple Mountain’, among other names were assigned to this seedling in Bill Seidl’s garden over the years and lightly distributed under seedling number, as well as garden names. Whatever Bill called it, the plant is certainly showy. The single form flowers are very large and have an unusual violet-lavender coloration with complimentary purple flares. The large petals are most often centrally notched at the outer edges and smaller notches create a fringe on many flowers. Additional creases in the petals are attractive. Stigmas, filaments and sheath are violet in color. Plants can grow to be quite tall over time (6 feet or more) and 5 feet in width. Plants lack uniformity in habit…tall stems, laterally reaching stems and shorter stems all produce bloom. Stems are woody and hardy to most winter conditions. Leaflets are born on long petioles with larger than average spacing. Propagation has been slow due to lack of terminal bud production used for most successful grafting. Typically blooming occurs from the numerous axillary buds along the tops of stems. ‘Wave Spectrum’ is easily pollen and seed fertile with compatible mates. While the name ‘Wave Spectrum’ is used in Oceanography to describe ocean waves, spectrum may also translate to the violet coloration of the wavy petals. The name also makes partial use of one of Bill Seidl’s garden names to describe the plant.    Ships in late September to mid October.

Color: Flares-Spots, Purple-Violet
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Landscape Use, Rare, TNT