Anna Marie



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Anna Marie.  Seidl.  1984.  Advanced generation lutea hybrid.  Single, light lavender with burgundy flares, exceptional in all ways.  Burgundy stamens with waxy yellow anthers, lavender sheath and stigmas.  Beautiful and easily grown plant.  Old plants may cover a 5′ or more area.  Plants will become tall (4′ in Wisconsin) over time and should be protected from wind as stems tend to break.  We’ve had plants broken to the ground in wind storms during the spring and fall, but the plants regrow quickly and are productive bloomers the following year.  Durable and beautiful.  Makes an excellent foundation shrub. Sparse seed, no pollen.   Has produced seed with suffruticosas and some very interesting results have been produced.  Parentage:  (Reath A-197 x D223).  Ships in late September to mid October.  AGE: Field grown, 4+ year old graft or division from larger plants – our choice of available plant material upon harvest.

Color: Lavender-Pink-Coral
SPECIALTY: Fertile, Ornamental Foliage